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A day without phone

It was just another morning for me till I realized that an indispensable part of me was missing. Yes, talking about my phone. I reached the deepest corners of my bag to convince me,“Yes, it’s not there”. Had i returned back to take it along, I would have gotten late for the office. So, I thought to bear through the day without it.

Passing those 50 minutes in metro without listening to my favorite melodies was indeed a challenge. It felt bad but then I decided to look around and notice every single thing that I used to overlook because of being too busy with my dearie. All of it started making sense the very next moment. Using your phone most of the time is alright but using it just to keep yourself occupied is terrible.

When we force ourselves into something then we often lose focus and fail to ponder upon the things that truly can bring a noticeable change in our lives. Undoubtedly, phone is keeping all of us connected but at the same time It’s also killing the urge to explore things around you. It’s taking away the thrills you get when you get to see your loved one after so long. In short, It’s giving you much less than it’s taking away.

You keep playing with your phone and your phone keeps playing with your consciousness. Who’s sitting idle in this game? It’s your subconscious mind that owns the magic wand and can take you beyond your imagination and dreams.

Don’t give up on your phone but make sure that there are times when it’s kept aside and you can evaluate what’s going right and what’s going wrong.

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