Living the default life

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How many of you wake up to the same morning and shut down to the same night everyday? It’s certain that your daily routine has possessed you and you don’t seem to resist anymore. If I am not wrong, you have gone slave to the monotony of default life.

“You don’t cheer up to the sun and wave to the moon anymore.”

Haven’t you lost the spark that used to keep you bright even in the dark?
Isn’t it meant to be extraordinary and not mediocre?

Isn’t the taste of recipe all up to the cooking?”
Of course!!

Do you really need to break your routine in order to combat this illness?
Or Do you need to acquire a new vision?
Have you decided to take the same creed to your grave? “Hell No”, I suppose.

There must be something that gets you spiced up in the morning. Something that you are crazy about in your dreams, maybe?
Dreaming it is an easier thing, making it come true is something harder.

If dreaming it feels so good, how amazing would it be to have it in real?”

If you can dream it, you can have it. Why is it said so? Ever gave a thought?
If you are dreaming about something then it literally means that your soul already has enough fuel to drive you to your destiny.

“Don’t wait! Rise up and Shine.”

As you move closer to your destiny, you start getting vibes of having it before you even actually have it. These vibes mark the progress of what you initiated.
Then the day comes when your dream comes true.

“Don’t settle! 
Crave for more!! 
Go higher and higher!!!”

Remember, there are no limits to the sky if you decide to open your wings and leave the ground!