International Baccalaureate educational school for your child

The International Baccalaureate (IB) board is a practical and application-based education board, that has been adopted by a large number of institutions all across the world. There are three programmes present in the baccalaureate school for global education, which is tailor-made for students from the age group of 3 to 19. These programs are as follows:

IB education Programs

· Primary Years Programme (PYP): From Kindergarten to 5th class

· Middle Years Programme (MYP): From Class 6th class to Class 10th

· Diploma Programme (DP): Class 11th and Class 12th

An IB examination is meant to test a student’s knowledge, not their memory or speed. There is no examination till the Middle Years Programme Class 10th, so that students can focus on the IB pedagogy which places importance on ‘how to learn’, rather than ‘what to learn’. There are no prescribed textbooks for students — instead, they can choose the textbook that they feel the most comfortable with. The IB programme is certainly more challenging than other educational boards like CBSE and ICSE, but these challenges are meant to help students when it comes their overall development. Here are some reasons why IB education is recommended for students:

Flexible system- Unlike any other traditional schooling system, where students are pretty much forced into streams that they are not interested in or comfortable with, the IB schools provide students with a high degree of flexibility where they are able to select the subjects that interests them the most.

Preparation for higher studies- With the IB board, students are able to learn not just from their textbooks, but through critical thinking which helps in their development and enable them to think outside the box. Nowadays, most colleges have a high acceptance rate of students who have studied in IB board, as these students are better equipped to handle college/university life. The baccalaureate school for global education also makes sure that the students plays equally emphases on academic excellence and as well as the creative ventures.

Prepares you to live an independent life- Other boards like CBSE and ICSE do not prepare their students to live independently, as the students are spoon-fed extensively which does not help them later in life. But, while pursuing a particular baccalaureate school for global education, students are enabled to make their own decisions, which helps them to be more independent in the future.