App Store Optimization Services: How to Rank Your Mobile Application?

The future belongs to mobile applications and video content. This is the major reason why many emerging and existing business brands are empowering their online presence by building mobile applications in both Google Play Store and Apple’s own iOS.

By building a mobile application, you can re-create a potential platform enabling your business to reach the users who use Smartphones/tablets on a day-to-day basis.

However, the creation of the mobile application for your business wouldn’t help you as you think. We have still other things to be done.

How to Rank Your Mobile Application through App Store Optimization Services?

In order to boost business growth and take your application in front of your targeted customers, all you need to do is to rank your application in the application store.

It can’t be done overnight. We have the strategic solutions available, though.

The following tips would help you in optimizing your mobile application for better downloads and notable rankings in the major mobile application stores out there:

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

Does it create any difference in the growth of your mobile application?

Believe me! A visual and design standpoint plays an important role in the users’ perception.

Starting from the icon you use to represent your app to the overall appearance of the application.

Tip: It’s wise to focus on a simple yet bold and vibrant icon to improve your users base.

Talking about the design of your mobile application, one should pay more attention to the visuals, as well as the UI/UX. Don’t make it bulky; in terms of navigation, and design aesthetics.

In short, your work should be appealing and attractive to the eye.

Keep your audience in mind when you’re sharing the information about your application through the “description”. There is absolutely no point in describing too much about your work, however, it’s imperative that you share how the application helps them; how does it fulfill their needs and the benefits they gain out of your app.

What makes your mobile application different from the rest?

Similarly, app store optimization keywords should be included in the description so that relevant searches will result in ranking your application atop of the application stores.

Ensure that you do thorough keyword research to target your demographic where people search for the services you offer.

Ensure that you find out the keywords supporting the majority of the search results, or choose the keywords relevant for your mobile application’s marketing purpose. Once you‘re done with the keyword selection, it’s time to go on with an apt description so that the users will get an idea regarding your mobile app.

The impact images over written content are remarkable.

While selecting the screenshots for your application, choose the best quality images that reflect the identity of your application. It helps the audience to get an idea of the premise of your product without reading the description.

Also, it’s certain that the majority of the users prefer the screenshots while evaluating an application over the description given.

Genuine reviews lead to the promotion of brand credibility and hit more customers to download your mobile app. Apart from merely showing the application to potential users, genuine reviews also pass a signal to rank your app in the respective mobile app store. Similarly, if the majority of users are posting poor reviews because of the bad user experience, this can decrease your ranking too.

Most importantly, from my personal experience, I have found people buying negative reviews. Never buy fabricated reviews. It may provide a temporary existence, but the fake reviews can result in a ban from the iTunes app store or Google Play.

Generally, it requires 5,000-10,000 downloads in the initial phase to rank a mobile application.

To execute this, you have to generate targeted traffic to your mobile application. The best way to implement the marketing process is by getting into various online strategies. You can focus on SEO, PPC, email marketing, or any other marketing channel. The motive is to take your project to maximum people within the least time.

Once you’re done with the goal of achieving some active users, dedicate your time to maintain the right threshold of monthly downloads. It reflects the consistency of the user base that supports your application in securing a top-ranking position for various keywords.

For the best user experience and to maintain your app ranking, work on implementing and rolling out regular updates on a monthly basis.

Consistent and frequent upgrades show that your brand is trying to improve the user experience by reducing the bugs and other errors.

Alternatively, it makes you stand out of the crowd by introducing the latest features dedicated to your business.

A business without website in 21st century?

Yes! You should have a website supporting your mobile application. It shouldn’t be a normal website though.

Ensure that your brand’s website is designed with your targeted audience in mind; the website should be user-friendly as well.

No matter whether it’s the navigation set up, or the content you update on your website’s blog, chances are very high that people would search for your brand’s detail before or after downloading the application. Your website can play a huge role in creating an impression among them.

In short, it is not an easy task to improve the ranking and downloads of your application. The whole process requires extensive research, competitor analysis, and tactical strategies. While applying the above tips in the branding of your mobile application in-app stores, never fail to satisfy your users through the service you’re offering through the application. It counts.

Building brands out of digital art.