Hurray! How to Drive Million Dollars Worth Customers to Your Business with SEO?

During this century, the popularity of internet across the globe cannot be over-emphasized. The overall growth in digital space in the past two decades can be assessed if we look into the statistics.

As per the results followed in December, 2016, the expansion of internet is moving incredibly at faster pace, reaching 3.36 billion users, which targets 46% of world’s population. The advancement made a major roll out in the offline business sector too. That’s why almost all the offline businesses are trying to show up online too.

Singapore being one of the top class cities in the world, I have found that the business potential of this city is vast. That’s why I thought of putting my words on how the online marketing can help businesses in Singapore to gain the completeness over the outdated outbound marketing models.

SEO for Business: Why?

Maybe you’re someone who already own a website for your business. But if you haven’t engaged in search engine optimization for your ongoing business website yet, chances are very high that you’re investing too much on offline marketing for customer acquisition, but yielding very small revenue in terms of ROI.

While conventional advertising strategies still function, they don’t stand a chance against internet-based marketing since buyers pay more attention to the results they get for the search queries on Google.

Use search engine optimization as the sturdy marketing tool to prosper your business in Singapore. Here are some reasons why your business in Singapore can perform well with the help of SEO.

How Does Your Business in Singapore Bring in Returns for the Investment on SEO?

Search engines have become today’s Yellow Pages. You can upscale your business enterprise to the very top of search engine results pages for letting more people know what you do. Even B2B buyers perform research online before contacting a company’s sales force. SEO takes into account your company’s online status and total existence.

For example, if Company A has wide popularity among their customers locally mostly for the services they have been offering, chances are high that they can build the reputation in later stages too either through the word of mouth or offline marketing strategies. At the same time, if Company B has a fantastic website along with all the parts Company A has and be quoted in other areas round the web space, they can gain the attention from every corner of the world. Company B will present higher in search.

#1. Your Customers are Looking for YOUR BUSINESS Online

Technology made life easier. With all the internet offering almost all kinds of information, from the finest places to vacation in summer to the least costly restaurants nearby, the buyers don’t necessarily leave the comforts of the home to locate answers for their inquiries. They can do everything within one click on their mobile phone/laptop.

#2. Far Less Expensive than Conventional Marketing

Previously, it would take hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of marketing tools (billboards, posters, flyers, and TV commercials) just to get a few thousand folks to purchase a product or make the most of a service. Today, you’ll be able to catch the eye of millions in just several clicks. That’s what happens when the marketing goes digital. You don’t even have to hire a huge team of marketers and pay them in excess on daily/monthly basis to get the job done smoothly.

Just outsource your advertising tasks to a search engine optimization expert and it’s all done.

Think! How you would feel when you can generate $10,000 monthly extra cash from your customers for an investment of $1,000?

#3. Faster, With Long Term Results

When I say “internet”, you should be familiar with the fact that we are looking into a global class marketing giant.

Here, all the results can be made faster and so information about providers and your products can distribute just like a virus with the proper SEO strategy.

Should you get to the top of the search engines like Google or Bing for every search relevant to your business? You can guess how it reflects on your business through increased natural traffic, higher conversion fee, and fundamentally bigger income.

#4. Targets the Right Audience Much More Sharply

One of the greatest problems in online marketing earlier was the difficulty in targeting local market niches. However, you can reduce the dimensions of the shooting range with the help of SEO now. Googles new algorithms are super smart, which can integrate location in the seeking program of the spiders. It helps in improving your business’ visibility in search engines over your competitors.

You will find more factors to rank your business than continue following the outdated marketing techniques. Many multi-national companies in Singapore owe their business success to search engine optimization from my analysis in the last 5 years. I believe it’s time for you to try out the powerful online marketing strategies too.

When Everybody Prefers Online Marketing Over Offline DEAD Methods

Here are some of the stats for you:

61% of marketers convey that improving SEO helped in getting their organic presence as the major inbound marketing priority. (HubSpot, 2017)
In 2016, Facebook’s overall marketing revenue was noted as nearly around $26B (billion). (Source: Facebook Mobile Ad Revenues to Near $30 Billion Next Year)
Instagram is is among the the fastest-developing social networks with over 500M users. (Source: Instagram Statistics Marketers Should Know)

According to the eMarketer post, the tiny to medium businesses in Singapore are organizing to save money on offline advertising when they’re getting bigger benefits from online marketing.

Why? Because more and more people are depending on the results from search engines and social media.

People also prefer Google AdWords and Facebook advertising for targeting their businesses in the particular location. Filters could be targeted to users in a particular locale.

Some local businesses, for example car dealerships, will likely never encounter an electronic competitor that is genuine. I suppose, in the 2000's they feared that places like ebay or Craigslist might take a an extremely big share, but things are different in the overall market now.

I’ve three major reasons that each company in Singapore needs to look at SEO as a way to survive and prosper in our globe that is digital. Not all those will benefit every business, but they’re at minimal great thought-experiments and at-best new channels through which to grow:

  • The money you invest on marketing can be used completely against your growth and progress in your local business
  • All the SEO marketing strategies are focused on promoting your business in the targeted market place
  • Successfully executed local SEO for your business in Singapore also helps you to stand out in local search results; along with the long term results

Here is an infographic that shows you the significance of SEO for your business in short:

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