Meaningless Ads makes magiK sales!!

Yes, That’s true. The logic behind is meaningful. Try this link which proofs what i figured.

So here’s the logic which i think brings meaning to these meaningless ads.

Humans brain keeps getting information which have different level of catchiness. Every information (in terms of images, sound, etc.) gets our attention at some level.

Coming directly to the context here, Advertisements are meant to keep the product’s name in your mind , so when you shop that’s the first thing that comes to your mind. That’s actually the first level of Funnel which finally leads to conversion. Majority of people buy things just because other person uses the same brand thus this initial memorization of brand helps in huge sales . People who actually go over minute details of the product and then buy are minorities (consisting less than 20%).

Now what is with the Meaningless ads which are there in this link ?

So basically what these ads did is they created a confusion in your mind that what exactly they are trying to imply(which a person never understands).

So whenever the ad comes people either talk about it that its weird, dumb, etc. Or they will try figure out what is the gist behind making such kinda ad.

Eventually this advertisers succeed in putting the brand in your mind again and again . Hence sales starts spiking. Obviously this is the first step.

You have to have a good product for people to appreciate and thinking that they are buying the best product ever ;) .