Stop Dreaming and Start Building.

I will do this. I will do that . I am going to travel the world, I am going to climb Mount Everest. I am going to play the best music in the world and what not? Does any of these really happen. The answer is No.

The reality is you don’t know, where you are ? and what you gonna do , for the next 24 hours. Somehow, the time will pass , you and your dreams will play games together and making fun of each other. How would you gain attraction and do something about it . why are you not growing and moving forward. what the heck is wrong? You know too much , You have all the information in the world. But you dont want to take action. what is left behind. Nothing. Time is flying away and you are driffitg too. Actually , you are becoming more dumb and dumber day by day. You need a heavy change , altogether.

Life is all about adventure and taking, doing new things and learning on the way. Then what the heck ! Play a nice music , learn rock climbing , travel the world and create a brand and a community altogether. what the fuck ?

Just go out and do it . Do not write and crib about what is going on and what is not going on ?

There is something you want to achieve , just go out and try. Learn the art of cutting all the distraction . Be focussed on one thing and master it . Let that thing grow on you. You grow upon it. You and it become one altogether. Then, you will know the real value of passion and the chaska of high. Get high on work and then you will know the real mard thing. You will become mard and will dance with the gods.Be beautiful and valuable. Got that ! Now Go .

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