Choose the best school from our list of top CBSE and international schools in Pune.

One of the largest and important from the point of view of economy, Pune is a city in the state of Maharashtra that is growing at a very fast pace. With several major brands and manufacturing giants setting base, Pune is undoubtedly a metropolitan city where people from all across India come to seek job in the automotive, IT, banks, and other sector.

Pune is also a major hub offering quality education. From best international schools in Pune to colleges, expect the best in academics for your children. You have different options including SSC, ICSE and CBSE higher secondary schools in Pune.

With a well settled career and life, all you have to look for is the best international school in Pune where your child can hone his/her talents beside receiving superior quality academics. CBSE schools provide quality curriculum that is at par with international standards of education. This helps offer global exposure and will greatly assist your child if you are looking at higher education outside of India. Cracking national and international entrances and exams become far easier thanks to the syllabus that is designed similar to schools and universities across the world. Every different board whether it is SSC or CBSE or any other International setup, each of them have their pros and cons. It is important for you to research which is the best board that you can entrust your child’s education. Find out about the aspects of CBSE education that is different from other boards.

Some of the advantages of CBSE affiliated schools are that focus is equally distributed on studies and the skill-set that your child exhibits. The infrastructure, study material, personal care offered is superior and ensures your child grows up in an environment conducive to mental, physical and emotional growth. There are plenty of CBSE schools in Pune and when it comes to selecting the best one, there is no dearth of options.

Some of the best international schools and CBSE schools in Pune include Pune International School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, City International High School, Delhi Public School, Ryan International School, and Symbiosis International School, DY Patil International School, Podar International School Riverdale International School and more.

The internet is one of the best sources of acquiring information about the various schools in Pune. Shortlist schools that you think are fit. The websites give an overview of the academic structure and other activates that will help shape your child’s future.

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