The Shanghai Rolex Masters 2016–17

Tennis is turning to a very different country indeed for their next edition of lip smacking action, with the Shanghai Rolex Masters hitting the courts of Qi Zhong Tennis Center, down in Minhang district of Shanghai. How big a deal is it? It’s a very big deal. It’s one of the more prominent non-Grand Slam titles we have in the tennis calendar every year. All of the top men’s players will be competing for the 4 million Dollar prize money, making this a rather exciting spectacle. To make the tournament even more special, the Shanghai Masters is the only Masters series that is held outside Europe and North America. The tournament will be conducted outdoors on a hard court, more specifically a Deco Turf. Interestingly enough, the event was held indoors from 2005 to 2008.

The tournament has an impressive lineup of star-studded players, from the World №1 and two time defending champion, Novak Djokovic, to newly crowned Wimbledon champ Andy Murray. Singles and doubles main draws are played out over a period of 8 days and qualifying matches will be played during the weekend prior to the commencement of the competition.

This year, the singles main draw features 56 different players, including 44 or 45 direct acceptances, 7 qualifiers, 4 wild cards, and 1 eventual special exempt. The singles qualifying draw will have 28 different players, consisting of 24 direct acceptances, and 4 wild cards. The doubles draw consists of 24 different teams, including 22 direct acceptances and 2 wild cards. All these numbers point to just one inescapable fact- the competition this year is going to be tight and fierce. This year’s Shanghai Rolex masters looks more promising than ever before.

Tennis fans around the world are waiting with baited breath to watch the competition kick off and flair up. The players better bring their A-Game if they intend to keep up with the competition.

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