The Great Indian Snapchat Story!

A Woman was seen outside a restaurant. A top level employee, working in that restaurant, asks the manager: “That woman has been out there for long. Should we invite her inside?” To which the manager replies: ”We are a hotel for rich people. We don’t want poor people like that woman to dine here.”

Somehow one of her son happens to know about what the manager said. There are a number of things he can do.

  1. Tell the manager that he has a rich brother who can buy his restaurant 4 times.
  2. Keep pelting stones at them so that the Manager has to eventually apologize.
  3. Take your mom to dine there and throw the money on the manager’s face.

Thing is, I could care less about statements like these. The ones who has got their asses on fire because of this are mostly just internet warriors with no real sense of patriotism. The statement is not a blow to my pride. It is the possible decision and judgement of one person and as an Indian who wishes this nation to see a great future. The statement amounts to nothing.