How to Get Rid of Pink Eye Fast Home Remedies

Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis affects the transparent membrane which covers both the inner eyelid and the white of the eye. The prime causes of the condition are from viral and bacterial infections, although it can be caused by allergic reaction or other toxic agents.

While pink eye can affect all ages, the viral and bacterial causes seem to attack children more than adults.

Of all the specific causes of pink eye they can be classified as either infectious or non infectious, but whichever kind of pink eye is suffered, it does not affect the ability of the person to see, the vision is not impaired.

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  1. Can pink eye go away on its own?
  2. How to get rid of pink eye fast home remedies?
  3. How can you tell if pink eye is viral or bacterial?
  4. How to cure pink eye at home fast?
  5. Does pink eye go away on its own?
  6. How long are you contagious with pink eye?
  7. Can i go to work with pink eye?
  8. How long does it take for pink eye to go away?
  9. Is pink eye contagious by air
  10. Will pink eye go away on its own?
  11. Should i go to work with pink eye?
  12. How do you know when pink eye is no longer contagious?
  13. How do you get rid of pink eye overnight?
  14. Incubation period for pink eye?
  15. Does pink eye get worse before it gets better?

Before we go over to solutions, let us first discuss the root causes of infection and its types.

how to get rid of pink eye fast home remedies
how to get rid of pink eye fast home remedies

The term ‘Pink Eye’ is commonly used to refer to conjunctivitis, which is an inflammation of the eye membrane (conjunctiva) which covers the white part of the eye, the causes of the inflammation are usually bacterial or viral infections.

The name pink eye alludes to the pinkness or redness of the conjunctiva which is the main sign of the disease.

There are several different kinds of conjunctivitis.

Types of Pink Eye- Conjunctivitis.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis. This kind is a very common type of pink eye, the eye having become infected from any of a variety of sources.

n Through direct contact with an infected person.

n From a sinus or ear infection.

n Exposure to contaminated surfaces where the common germs streptococcus.or staphylococcus have been transferred to the person.

The infection produces a thick pus discharge, which can sometimes cause the eyelids to stick together and make it difficult to open the eyes until the pus is washed away with warm water, Treatment is given using antibiotic eye drops and can take up to two weeks to completely heal.

Viral Conjunctivitis.

Pink eye caused by a virus are highly contagious, and can readily be spread by sneezing and coughing. It can also show if the person is affected by other respiratory illness like the flu, or common cold.

The infection will start in one eye, then rapidly spread to the other and produces a watery discharge. For treatment, antibiotics are of little use, and eye drops or creams seem to have no effect on the inflammation. The condition has its own limits, and usually disappears of its own accord within a short time. Although the application of vasoconstrictors help reduce the pinkness, decongestants and antihistamines reduce surface swelling and itchiness.

Chlamydial Conjunctivitis

This is another form of the bacterial form of conjunctivitis, and it is usually passed as a sexually transmitted disease. Chlamydial Trachoma, is the infection passed on to a new born baby by its affected mother, when passing through the birth canal. In fact Neonatal Conjunctivitis can cause blindness in babies, unless it is recognized and treated at birth.

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How to cure pink eye at home fast
How to cure pink eye at home fast

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How Can you tell if Pink Eye is Viral or Bacterial?

A virus infection is the leading cause of pink eye, usually from an Adenovirus, which is a virus associated with respiratory tract infections. And it shows as :

  1. A colourless watery discharge from the eye.
  2. Signs of a cold, accompanied by a runny nose and some congestion of the sinus.
  3. The eyelids becoming swollen.
  4. Glancing at bright lights may be painful.

How Long Does it Take for Pink Eye to Go Away?

Occasionally the viral form of pink eye can infect the front of the eyeball, the cornea, which should be checked immediately by a doctor. The symptoms of viral conjunctivitis usually go away after a 1–2 week period, and since viral pink eye is highly contagious, care should be exercised in mixing with other people until the infection has passed.

How Long are You Contagious with Pink Eye?

The two common bacteria, Streptococci and Staphylococci are the causes of the bacterial infection for pink eye. Symptoms include :

  1. Pain in the eye, or pain in the surrounding area.
  2. Swelling in the regions around the eye.
  3. The eye becomes red, and can be accompanied by a yellowy green discharge, unlike the colourless watery discharge associated with viral infection!

This discharge can accumulate whilst sleeping, and often, affected children will become frightened that their eyes are stuck together. A warm, soft washcloth will readily remove such a discharge, and the application of the warm damp washcloth should be repeated to each eye throughout the day along with administering any anti biotic eye drops recommended by the doctor.

A safe way of giving the eye drops is to have the person lie down flat, and to close their eyes. Drop the prescribed number of drops into the corner of the eye, and when the person opens their eyes, the medicine will flow into infected membranes.

Care should be taken in avoiding any medicine which has been prescribed for another person, or has been left over from a previous infection, these may be totally unsuitable for the current pink eye being experienced.

Herbal and Natural Treatments for Pink Eye: How to Cure Pink Eye at Home Fast?

Very often the pink eye condition can be treated at home using natural methods successfully, if it is recognized in the early stages by the use of herbal compounds and homeopathic remedies.

Some Herbal Remedies for Pink Eye Treatment at Home.

a). Use the flower of Chamomile, add 1 teaspoon of the flower to 1 cup of cool boiled water, let the mixture soak for about 10 minutes, strain off the residue, and use the liquid as an eyewash.

b), Prepare a ‘tea’ from Elderberry Blossom, soak the blossom as above, strain off the blossom residue, and use as an eyewash. This potion is highly recommended as an effective natural treatment for pink eye.

c), Try using Honey, it is a good home remedy for pink eye. Either add a few drops of the honey directly to the eye, or put into 2 cups of boiling water 3 tablespoons of honey, allow it to dissolve, and again use the mix as an eyewash twice each day. Honey contains natural anti-bacterial properties which will promote healing of the pink eye.

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How do you get rid of pink eye overnight
How do you get rid of pink eye overnight

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d). A slice of raw Potato placed on the eye will help reduce inflammation by the action of its natural astringent properties. A poultice can also be made from potato, which if used for three consecutive nights can prove to be another natural remedy in the healing of pink eye.

e). A simple herbal remedy for pink eye is to use Aloe. Try soaking a cloth with the juice of Aloe Vera, place the cloth over the affected eye for a few minutes regularly, the juice of the aloe vera can also be used as an effective eyewash

These are just a few of the tried, proven successful natural, herbal, home remedies for pink eye. It should be repeated that to improve the success of these natural treatments, the signs of pink eye must be recognized in the early stages.

Pink eye is not an uncommon disease, it can affect one or both of the eyes, and is caused by either a bacterial or viral infection.

Can Pink Eye go Away on I’ts Own?

Pink eye will normally disappear without any treatment within a short time period. The viral infection which is usually accompanied by the common cold can last for a maximum of 10 days, but often less than this, whilst the bacterial infection , with its sticky discharge will last for about 7 days. This can seem like a lifetime to the sufferer, who tries frantically to deal with the extreme eye itchiness which often accompanies pink eye.

  1. To remove the sticky, after sleep discharge, bathe the area with warm clean water, wiping the eye from inner corner to the outer corner with a soft cotton pad.
  2. Repeat the process, throwing away the cotton used after each usage.
  3. Do not use the same cotton, after using for one cleansing only, dispose of it, and use a fresh piece each time the eye is bathed.. remember pink eye can be highly contagious.
  4. Continue the bathing for several days, but an improvement should be seen after 3–4 days, if not a doctor should be consulted.
  5. Apply any eye drops or antibiotic ointment prescribed by the doctor, and rigidly follow the instructions given, sometimes medicine may be prescribed to be given orally depending on the identity of the infection.

Home Remedies to Cure Pink Eye

Pink eye which is caused by a virus will not respond to antibiotic treatment. Viral pink eye typically affects only one eye at a time, and the symptoms can be treated :

  1. Apply ‘artificial tears’ in the form of eye drops by pulling down the lower eyelid, dropping in the treatment drops, and the natural eye blinking will ensure good distribution of the liquid.
  2. The eye can be soothed by applying a warm compress to the area.
  3. The sufferer should avoid scratching the eye to relieve the itchiness, this will only aggravate the condition and increase the soreness.

How do You Get Rid of Pink Eye Overnight?

There is no cure for viral pink eye, it usually disappears naturally within a few days, but by following the above, some of the associate discomfort can be relieved.

Some other pink eye conditions may be caused by Allergic Reactions to such things as plant pollen, dust from animal skin or smoke.

Bathing the eyes as described can bring some relief, but the use of anti-histamines to treat the allergy are the most effective in this situation, but the doctor may equally recommend and prescribe the use of steroids, decongestants and anti-inflammatory eye drops.

Prevention of Pink Eye: When is Pink Eye No Longer Contagious?

Preventing pink eye is far better than having to cure pink eye. Primarily, pink eye, madras eye or conjunctivitis, as the pink conditions are often called, is picked up by a person, who has been in close proximity with the tears, or infected discharge from an infected person. Just being in the presence of the cough or sneeze of an infected person can be enough.

Some Hints for the Prevention of Pink Eye:

If any person is already suffering from pink eye, then here are some guides as to how he/she can avoid passing on the condition to others, in fact, if the person had been aware of such preventive measures, he/she might well have avoided getting the pink eye in the first place!

  1. Pay much attention to personal hygiene, especially before and after touching the eyes and face, or before and after giving any medicines to the eyes.
  2. The sharing of contact lenses, or lens cases can pass on the infection, so avoid such activities.
  3. It is not wise to wear contact lenses until the infection is cured, and it is far better to obtain new contact lenses rather than use the old ones even if they have been thoroughly disinfected.
  4. Do not use any eye makeup until the infection has gone completely. Throw away any old makeup, and buy fresh eye makeup.
  5. If a friend asks you to remove a foreign particle from their eye, wear a pair of rubber gloves, and maybe a face mask, it is sensible to do this also if applying medicine to the eye of another person.
  6. Never share bedclothes, towels, handkerchiefs etc, they can harbor pink eye causing pathogens, always use fresh, clean items, and wash, disinfect, the used clothing items daily.
  7. Do not share any eye medicines, and it is prudent to remove any old eye medicines, discard such old medicines, since they not be suitable for the current treatment, and will probably be ineffective anyway.

Can i Go to Work with Pink Eye?

8. If in a working environment where much dust and irritants are present, try and use some form of eye protection, safety glasses are recommended if working with any form of chemical materials.

Having a conscious awareness of the conditions which can be a potential source of eye infection is helpful in preventing pink eye, and the knowledge that its viral form can be highly contagious.

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