Pangong lake — Ladhak Trip

It took me almost 30 years to realize this !

  1. See and understand the things as they are, not the way you want them to be.

2. Its important to be good, but more important is to be righteous.

3. Relationships is important aspect of human life, sense the relationship we have with everything. Other living beings, nature, our inner self.

4. Compassion and Empathy will set us free.

5. Travel will teach you how to look at life from different perspective.

6. Regret is thing that will hurt more than anything else at the end. So follow your heart now.

7. We exists in years, but live only in moment.

8. We cannot walk ahead holding the hands of our past. Let go it and cherish for life time.

9. Our mind and thoughts we generate are the most powerful things and have tremendous healing power.

10. All the living beings have one thing in common, we all need and seek, peace and love.

11. Everything in life is illusion : One day we all are going to die. Get out of this materialistic lifestyle mindset now !!

12. Success, Fame, Money, Comfort and even Death is not the ultimate truth.

15. If we have never faced failure, we will not be able to handle success for a long time.

16. If you think other people matters nothing to your life, you are on wrong way my boy.

17. Wherever you go, the fact from where you belong will always be with you and will make all the difference.

18. One day you will sit back and only talk about the opportunities you missed, so keep your eyes opened wide.

19. When on top of the ladder, don’t forget to look back and you will find few people on the place where you left them. Be okay to go back.

20. Reading a book from end will never satisfy our thrust.

21. Look to understand not to judge. Makes you more wise.

22. How will I truly accept it, if I don’t believe in it.

Life is understood alone, but lived with all around.

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