Soundcloud’s Most 10 Followed Artist

Sunny Sem
Sunny Sem
Sep 26, 2017 · 3 min read

As music streaming companies are getting more popular, human’s mood is also getting diversified.Giant Music streaming Companies like Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, Google Play Music, Apple Music & compete to remain at the top, Soundcloud provides a better platform for music lovers.

According to Techcrunch,

Soundcloud will be more Worth than Spotify

Since, it has a unique USP of online streaming music & connecting Artists in all sorts of the genre all over the globe which is more relevant to music lovers and musicians that is growing at an enormous rate.

Before Starting, lets look some facts about Soundcloud-

1- 76m monthly users use Soundcloud regularly.
2- It reaches 320m monthly global users.
3- 10m music Creators.
4- 12 hours of music uploaded to Soundcloud every Minute.
5- 125m tracks uploaded to Soundcloud total.
6- $19.5m revenue in 2014.
7- Twitter has invested $70m in Soundcloud.
8- Total Funding raised $193m.
9- Estimated value of Soundcloud is $700m.
10- 25% of U.S population uses Soundcloud.

A quick look at the top 10 most popular & followed artists on Soundcloud.
The list starts with:

1- Future


Fan Following- 9.68m
Category- Artist
Genre- Hip-hop /Trap

2- Big Sean

Big Sean

Fan Following- 9.51m
Category- Artist
Genre- Hip-hop

3- Def Jam Recordings

Def Jam Recordings

Fan Following- 8.58m
Category- Label
Genre- Hip-hop



Fan Following- 8.56m
Category- Label
Genre- Hip-hop

5- Wale


Fan Following- 8.37m
Category- Artist
Genre- Hip-hop

6- Shady Records

Shady Records

Fan Following- 8.26m
Category- Label
Genre- Hip-hop

7- Pusha T

Pusha T

Fan Following- 8.24m
Category- Artist
Genre- Hip-hop

8- Bad Boy Entertainment

Bad Boy Entertainment

Fan Following- 8.24m
Category- Label
Genre- Hip-hop / R & B

9- Big K.R.I.T.

Big K.R.I.T.

Fan Following- 8.15m
Category- Artist
Genre- Hip-hop

10- B.O.B


Fan Following- 8.12m
Category- Artist
Genre- Hip-hop/ pop/ rap


The best part of Soundcloud is its unique platform where millions of artists connect to each other with the communication of soul music of all genre.The taste of music may change according to the trends but these Musicians will forever remain as ‘Legends’.

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