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Many a times it is hard to explain the roles and responsibilities of a Product Manager. PMs tend to do something which is traditionally done either by Project Managers, Software Engineers, Marketers, or Designers in several instances. Hence, it becomes slightly tricky to answer questions like:

What does a Product Manager do?

What are the responsibilities of a Product Manager?

What tasks take up the day of a Product Manager?

I recently was asked this question by my cousin, who is graduating out of college and exploring different paths, and it made me thinking of a typical day in the…

Data is the fuel for building better products and with easy access to data a virtuous cycle of more data, better products, and more users gets created.

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Data continues to grow at an exponential rate as information continues to come from multiple digital platforms. However, most of these data stay unused, and that’s why we need data-driven Product Managers who can ask the right questions and can work along with data analysts and scientists. Data PMs are at the forefront when it comes to developing the next generation of products and solutions which can capture the value generated from data…

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
―Winston Churchill

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Opportunity Hackathon at PayPal connects NGOs and cross-functional teams at PayPal to work together to identify, analyze, and solve the challenges faced by the NGOs. The team working on the problem statement consists of engineers, product managers, marketing, legal, and business development folks. I was privileged to participate in the Opportunity Hackathon along with my excellent team for the second time. …

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Congratulations on securing the job of Product Manager at company X, after the long hours spent in preparation, multiple rounds of interviews, you have finally received the job offer, now is the time to put your foot forward as a Product Manager!!

I hope you are basking in the glory of being selected as a Product Manager ready to kickstart your new role and take the organization to new heights. You plan to set meetings with the engineers, designers, and leaders; you are full of energy and enthusiasm and aspire to be a key decision-maker in everything product. …

Interview Setup
Interview Setup
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“An effective PM is an entrepreneur, strategist, technical visionary, cross-functional team leader, project manager, and customer advocate all rolled into one.” — Jeffrey Bussgang, Entering StartUpLand

Product Management is becoming one of the highest sought after jobs in the market, especially in technology companies. The role of a Product Manager is relatively new and open for people with varying skillsets and backgrounds ranging from engineering, design, sales, marketing, project management, and so on. …

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