Making you blacks blacker and whites whiter on your smartphone

We are all aware of the growth in Augmented and Virtual reality sector but ever wondered what technology is helping this sector have the tag “Reality” in their name. Well, it is the Screen technology that is the unsung hero here without which the AR and VR market would not be as exciting as it is now.

Currently, the evolution of screen technology has moved away from curved screens or 3D screens and the manufacturers are focusing more on bringing in 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) to the devices that are with us almost 24 by 7. HDR is a way of making your blacks blacker and white whiter on screens to create an image with more depth. Compared to the Ultra High Definition (UHD) that we currently have, the smartphones coming out this year would probably have much better resolutions. The HDR screen would help the smartphones get thinner and more battery-efficient than ever.

At present, people are moving away from their PC’s and Laptops and moving to smartphones to watch movies, TV on the go. It is said that with HDR one can shoot a video in slow motion at frames as less as 960 frames per second. Also, the current trend of using the smartphones into VR headsets is increasing, when the screen is that close and magnified, the higher the resolution the better.

The top contender here is SONY, that made its mark and launched a smartphone with the world’s first 4K HDR screen this February. It even partnered with Amazon to optimize their 4K HDR TV shows for mobiles. This marks the beginning of various new markets in the smartphone sector. This development seems to be a long term solution and shows promise to stand the test of time.