Predicting the growth of your farms: A Big Data approach

Technology is shaping the world for better, but this was not the case for the agriculture industry. Farmers used clumsy and expensive tools which make farming rather less efficient and difficult, but not anymore.

In 2012 FarmLogs came into the picture and changed the way farmers work. FarmLogs helps farmers monitor and measure their crops, predict profits, manage risks from weather and pests and more. The company is working extensively on satellite imagery and data and develops predictive models on top of the raw data so that the farmers can use that data to modify their environmental resources accordingly.

One of the major concerns with farmers is the irrigation system. Most damages to the crops occur due to under or over watering of crops, this is one of the major focus of FarmLogs which supply farmers with the valuable information so that they can fix the system and prevent washing away of expensive inputs, like fertilizers or organic pesticides. Another advantage to the farmers is that without having to buy and install new high-tech gear in their fields, they get access to data science which is gathered from the farm equipment used by the agronomists.

FarmLogs has disrupted the agriculture industry by making the work easy for farmers but there are still many things that the company is working towards and including it in their product to make the software as useful as possible. This development seems to be a long term solution and shows promise to stand the test of time.

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