Tips to keep in mind while organizing a hackathon…

Rahul Gupta
Dec 14, 2016 · 4 min read
Haptik & TLabs co-hosted a botathon to build conversational chat bots on any problem
A well lit space with good ventilation and comfortable furniture is important
Some of our amazing partners
Giving printed instructions to use wifi, ground rules, judging criteria & using tech tools is a must (MUST)
Make sure you’ve food available during the night as well, Day 2 some people leave, order 20% less
Winners of the Haptik- TLabs Botathon
Clearly communicated pitching time and format, submission method & ground rules are super important
Abhishek Gupta, COO of TLabs mentoring a team
Judges from Kalaari Capital, Commonfloor and Sequoia Capital judging the botathon
Use these tips to make your hackathon better & party hard!

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