Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

No Spoilers ahead, do not worry.
So, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice released worldwide today and even before it released worldwide it faced severe backlash of many critics worldwide, with some critics naming it, Batman v Superman: Yawn Of Justice whereas the fans beg to differ. Twitter and other social media platforms have plenty of good to say about Bvs:DOJ. Some people claimed that Ben Affleck is the best batman of all time and some gave thundering applause to Wonder woman(Gal Gadot) and her entry.

Some of you might be in a dilemma whether to accept the critics review or to go by the fans are their ratings and comment about the movie. It’s polar.
Imdb, which is mostly fan rated, it shows that Bvs: DOJ has a rating of 8.1/10, which I feel is pretty decent but on the other hand Rotten tomatoes and Metacritic have rated it 33% and 44% respectively. There’s a huge bridge between the audiences and the critics. Umm? Do Critics hate Batman v Superman? Does it have anything to do with directorial style of Zack Snyder? No idea.

So how exactly is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? 
I am nowhere close of being a critic but I am a huge batman fan, so I will speak from a fan’s perspective. I was lucky enough to get a first day first show ticket. Before going to the theater, I read a lot of reviews and I was puzzled by the varied reviews.

Yes, Batman v Superman does not come close to any of the Nolan’s Trilogy but why compare in first place? The Dark Knight Trilogy took place in another universe and BvS is taking place in another. The cast and the director everyone is different. It would be better if people stop comparing. Different directors, different approach. Nolan, who has a very practical approach in the dark knight trilogy and Snyder who loves his dark approach.

Ben Affleck as Batman. 
Was he good Batman? Yes
Was he a perfect Bruce Wayne? Yes
Give him some credit, whatever was asked from him, he simply delivered it. He was asked to portray a weary and matured looking Batman/Bruce Wayne and he did. He dint crack a single smile in the entire movie, yet owned the character. Will have to see him more before telling that he’s the best batman of all time. His Fight scenes resembled those of Batman video games.
I’d rate him 8/10.

Gal Gadot as Wonder woman
First ever live-action portrayal of Wonder woman and she did live up to her expectation. The soundtrack of hers simply suited her and delivered her lines perfectly and garnering herself to a thunderous applause in the theaters.
Definately, 9/10.

Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor
People had doubts whether he could pull this off or not. Some considered him to be too young to play the character of Alexander Luthor but he proved everyone wrong by his acting skills. He’s probably the best among the cast. Delivered his lines perfectly. Expressions were up to the mark. Cunning as always and had few of the best dialogues in the movie. After his role, the only thing Jessie can say to his critics would be “Now you see me”?
9/10. I loved him as Lex Luthor.

Overall, Batman v Superman was a fun movie to watch. It’s not as bad as critics rate not it is as good as fans say, it lies in the middle and has a very subjective point of view. So please go to your nearest cinema and watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and then have your say.

I’d rate this movie 8/10.

Thank you for reading and yes, this is my first ever article on medium.