A year on things have changed

I’m phasing out my blog in favor of medium. This piece was originally authored on April 5, 2012

A year ago, India witnessed a new phenomenon — One of citizen participation and large scale Urban activism,all thanks to Anna Hazare and his team. A year on from that day despite the lack of a Lokpal Legislation and a mandatory Lokayukta Legislation in all states, the country we call home today is inherently different from what was earlier.

One may agree or disagree about the methods adopted by pressure groups such as Anna and the…

Three things to measure to learn if your feature is truly succeeding!

Building a product is part art and part science. Where you lie on that scale from science to art depends on the product manager, the organisation, the market and more. However, one thing is certain, its important to measure whatever it is you are building. Validating your hypothesis is the only way to learn from your users and grow!

As a product manager, I measure the success of any feature I ship using three — yes, just 3 — simple yardsticks. Its very easy to give in to…

A lot many of my friends are writing their GRE in the weeks to follow and I felt it might be useful to share my two cents. Needless to say, writing it down here will save me some hassle and I don’t have to do this for the umpteenth time whenever someone pings me to say “Hey, you wrote GRE Right?” !.

Before I delve into what you should try and what you’re better of avoiding, here’s a quick reckoner about me. I wrote my GRE last July and fared decently well.I …

Rahul Kayala

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