The population of activists sizing down towards the end of the strike. Capitol State Museum, Downtown Sacramento, California | Photograph © Rahul Lal

Part of a worldwide movement inspired by a teenager, Sacramento becomes one of many areas of activism for the entire planet.

One of many squirrels from an ongoing Sacramento-based infestation. Sacramento, California, 2019.

The photograph’s subject is a squirrel (whoa)

There is a major problem regarding squirrels in Sacramento, California, as a whole. The tree rats have turned into such an infestation that there is an extremely detailed animal control page on it from a reputable wildlife control agency. As it states in the link, the nutcrackers are causing property damage and pose a risk to human health due to helming fleas in the summertime. I thought it would be an essential image to capture due to the ongoing increase in squirrel population and the problems that the creatures are causing in the extended proximity (to be honest though, the real reason I shot it was due to it potentially being a photographie d’attractivité).

Thus, le image was born.

Photograph © Rahul Lal 2019

Capturing moments leading up to Bernie Sanders’ arrival at Cesar E. Chavez Plaza, the heart of Downtown Sacramento. It was one of the biggest events to have taken place this year in Sactown, with an estimated five thousand arriving to support the 2020 presidential candidate.

Murals, from the 2018 @wideopenwalls Festival, leaving artistic legacies–Herakut I. Downtown Sacramento, California | Photograph © Rahul Lal 2019

Artists from the 2018 & 2019 Wide Open Walls Festival leaving behind each of their own and unique passion projects/perspectives in Sacramento.

The Observatory and Planetarium alongside the Ernest E. Tschannen Science Complex at Sacramento State Part I. Sacramento, California, 2019.

Exhibiting the design and architecture of the Ernest E. Tschannen Science Complex + planetarium/observatory.

This fall semester, at California State University, Sacramento, students and faculty will spot two all-new creations of architecture. One of the constructions is an observatory and planetarium, while the other is a hall dedicated to philanthropist Ernest E. Tschannen. The hall is located under the Department of Physics and Astronomy for the uni.

The images, above and below, shows the extension of the modern-day architectures. The main hall gives off a minimalist design, along with incorporating some of the key elements of art into the overall…

Westin St. Francis Strike I. Downtown San Francisco, California, 2018.

Human willpower at its finest.

2018. From the fourth of October to the end of November, heavy protesting occurred near Union Square in downtown San Francisco. Two-thousand employees from Marriott’s Westin St. Francis hotel went on strike for various reasons. Though picket signs clearly show a need for change in wages, the issue of harassment towards housekeepers was also prominent.

As iPad becomes a staple of future computing, designers, along with other forms of artists, have an array of options regarding the production of their work.

Image courtesy of Apple.

The functionality of the iPad has adapted greatly for the imminent future. With the addition of iPadOS, a new operating system geared towards advancing user ability on iPad, the lineup has never been as sophisticated than before. As stated in my previous article, with the progress of the iPad Pro lineup, along with a new software entry, iPad is, in fact, the subsequent formation of computing. Any professional in the computer industry needs correct software. While the background of the initial default software configuration is sufficiently significant, third-party assistance adds to the level of advancement. With Apple’s App Store, now…

Analyzing three films that exemplify the definition of low budget horror.

WARNING Spoilers, towards the movies stated below, are glaring.

As the film industry has grown, a lot of aspects have advanced the notion of low budget horror. The genre has increased its popularity. How? By maintaining the same characteristics that had made the style great in the past before: the buildup towards tension, one to two locations, and a small amount of main characters. By increasing the budget a bit, studios can work towards greater flexibility. Films such as Crawl, The Shallows, and Open Water, are examples of each of these characteristics. …

It is not just the golden rule within the realms of capturing images, but more so capturing any sense of visual symmetry.

From the time I was a young padawan, capturing images, whether in forms of sketch, or imagery had intrigued me. Starting in middle school, I had a defined passion for photography. I remember sneakingly discovering my father’s Pentax SLR. Even though it did not have any film in it, I fiddled around with the camera body. Peaking into the viewfinder, I pretended to *clickity click* different objects around the household and in the backyard. It was some of my best work I must say.

Transitioning into the high school years, my passion for photography grew even further. I started to…

The day can be as terrifying as the night.

Image courtesy of A24.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead.

From the surprise hit of ‘Hereditary,’ from horror newcomer, Ari Aster, comes a new flick of psychological terror. ‘Midsommar’ is the lovechild from the mind and art of Aster.It has been one of the most anticipated films of 2019. As the review embargo lifted, many critics are describing it as one of the most disturbing horror films existing in the modern era. Though disturbing, as it strongly is, the film examines deeper into the psychological trauma of Dani (played by Florence Pugh) and her encounter proceeding through a festival built entirely towards a pagan cult. It…

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