Julia 1.0

Julia is a great new programming language that’s been in the news lately because of its all-new stable 1.0 release as well as great computational features that had made it rank 39th at the TIOBE index for September 2018!

Now since I come from an engineering and software development background…

This blog post particularly,will be more on the practical side of things.
Something more of like “learning by doing” kind of stuff.So lets jump onto it right away!

First off, we have * being passed alongside with a parameter.
Now we all know of what are parameters or arguments.


The virtualenvwrapper is a great tool for people who work on a lot of different projects, and even for those who want more power over their overall setup.This not only provides a way to manage different virtualenvironments on a single system but also saves a lot of time.

To start…

Rahul Lakhanpal

Software Developer

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