After programming a bit in flutter and dart here are some of my thoughts which I would love to share with the people who are yet to start and for those who are looking for a start (just like me!)

Who am I?

I am a Python Developer by profession and have been actively doing a lot of web development using Django/flask, system level development for cloud-native technologies as well as coding for automating jobs such as Ansible, terraform etc. I also occasionally code in Julia and Golang.

However, little did I know about mobile application development, leave alone coding for Android or iOS. Also, I will any day prefer coding for one codebase rather learning 3–4 languages (Java/Kotlin for Android Or Objective-C /Swift for iOS) to cater apps for both of these platforms. …

Julia 1.0

Julia is a great new programming language that’s been in the news lately because of its all-new stable 1.0 release as well as great computational features that had made it rank 39th at the TIOBE index for September 2018!

Now since I come from an engineering and software development background, I will keep things simple and hence jump in straight into a detailed examination of how the new package manager for Julia 1.0 looks like and why you should be excited to try it too :)

First off, let’s see how the Pkg manager used to work in the past versions of Julia. …

S o recently I had an interesting opportunity to talk to a technology enthusiast and his first question was about Django middleware! I answered it well and sufficiently to make him believe that I knew the fundamentals, as with any highly experienced engineer is the case, he moved on to another discussion with a satisfying agreement. But then, after I was done chitchatting, I thought, well.. how about writing this out , coz many developers may just be too ignorant, while some others may still be trying to figure it out!

To start off with some introduction to middleware in general, Here is what our very Wikipedia has to say about. …


Rahul Lakhanpal

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