5 Must Have Travel Accessories for any Business Or Personal Trip

The season of winter brings with it multiple reasons to celebrate and travel, either alone or with family and friends. And India has some of the most exotic winter holiday destinations to choose from. If you are tired of shivering while all bundled up in layers of woolens, head to Kerala and bask in the warm sunshine of Kovalam beach or experience the thrill of Christmas and New Year celebrations as only seen in Goa. The Andamans offer a rate opportunity to witness vibrant flora and fauna while getting to know more about the native tribes of the region. On the other hand, India is also home to some wonderful ski destinations and snow capped peaks for those who want to bring in the New Year to the backdrop of pristine white slopes of Simla, Kashmir or Kullu-Manali. Winter is also the best time to catch a glimpse of the best of wildlife at our forest reserves and sanctuaries. Camping at Corbett, Sariska, Ranthambor or one of the many other sanctuaries is a once in a lifetime experience, in the lap of nature. While the prospect of a memorable holiday is certainly inviting, making sure you are well prepared to ensure a hassle-free experience is just as important.

Rediff Shopping offers the entire range of travel accessories that you might need to make sure that you have everything you need, regardless of whether you are holidaying in the lap of luxury in Rajasthan or roughing it out on the spectacular mountainous terrains of Ladakh. From luggage items to camping gear, you will find everything under one roof right here.

Some of must have travel accessories for any trip, personal or business, in a luxury hotel or camping in the wilderness, include:

· 4 in 1 Roll N Go Cosmetic Bag & Travel Buddy Organizer: With four spacious compartments, you can store all your toiletries and even cosmetics and hair care products in this handy organizer. Each compartment has its own zip to protect its contents. It rolls into a compact form for easy storage in your luggage. Who says being practical means you need to compromise on style?

· Luggage Tag, Bag Travel Tag: How many times have you stood at the airport to collect your suitcases off the conveyor belt and wished you had done something to separate your pieces from the several other lookalikes? Now personalizing your luggage is easy, with unique baggage tags to choose from. Pick a Hello Kitty one for your little daughter or a Superman logo for your son, while put a tag that says “NO, It’s NOT Yours” on your suitcase and identify your pieces the fun way.

· 7days Travel Toiletry Kit for Men/Women: So, you have the most convenient toiletries bag but what do you carry along in it? You don’t need to wrack your brains and make lists anymore with the perfect toiletry kit. The men’s kit comes with a folding toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream and disposal razor, shaving scissors, a folding comb, shampoo sachets, soap, earbuds, nail file, hand-sanitizer and more. The women’s kit has moisturizing cream and a shower cap instead of the shaving paraphernalia.

· Micro USB 2.0 World Travel Charger Adapter: Keeping all your electronics charged could be a challenge while on holiday. Why carry multiple cables only to realize you forget the charger for your mobile phone when you can carry along a universal charger that works on Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG and Sony cell phones but also on a variety of other devices? This device comes with a dual USB power adapter, along with micro USB Sync & Charge cable and four adapter plugs that work on different types of sockets, such as those used in the UK and Europe, in Australia as well as the US. So, if your device has a USB port, you are good to go anywhere in the world.

At Rediff Online Shopping, we take pride in ensuring that we offer a comprehensive range of travel accessories for the most unforgettable trips in India and around the world. Our ordering process is simple and easy too, as is our return policy.