Is Positivity A Much Needed Lie ?

We all have been told by some people to be positive, but does being positive helps ? We all have been told that it helps and some might believe it works whereas some don’t because of their previous experiences or their repeated failure in spite of their positivity and as every person has a breaking point, this kills their positivity. I don’t oppose positivity but we should know that positivity is nothing but a state of being happy at even something bad. Actually, it is a total lie which helps us to move on in our bad times. Positivity means to ignore the negative thoughts or reality. It helps us to win anything in our mind but not necessarily in reality. Too much of it can be disastrous. It is not the solution to our problems but helps us to skip bad happening while hoping for something good. But it is so much needed by people because it gives them the power to fight anything, even they know they can’t win. But the condition is that we must strengthen the resistance power of positivity so that any problem or next hundred can’t knock us down. But we all know that we can’t be positive every time and have mood swings but there are some things which can help you like music, everybody loves music, it is a powerful thing which fuels us. Reading motivating materials and watching great movies are also very much helpful.
So in my opinion, this positivity thing is much needed lie and the rest depends on you.