Internet Marketing

Who, nowadays, would not be accustomed of Internet marketing? The reach of the internet travelling across the world like speed of light, and it provided a new and effective way to various organisations and advertising companies to promote their products and services. The term “Internet marketing” can be defined this way — “the process in which we promote our brand, products and services over the Internet is called Internet Marketing.” The Internet marketing can further be divided into three parts-

1) Web marketing: The marketing through e-commerce websites is called web marketing. Many of us would have experienced it while picking a product of their choice and the budget we wanted under. We just have to send an order online once we selected a product of our choice patiently, and the delivery boy would be standing in next few days at your doorstep with your order.

2) Email marketing: Email marketing is a medium in which we make someone aware about our products and services, who can be our current and prospective customers. Mass emailing is possible, and we can inform several customers together through it.

3) Social media marketing: We can advertise our products and services through social media by sharing it to our contacts, and we can furthermore tell our contacts to share it further with their contacts to make it viral. It is proving to be a very good medium to let people know what you have to offer.

Advantage of Internet marketing:

1) There is no compulsion of time for the consumers to shop as their nearby shops offer 10:00 AM To 9:30 PM maximum.

2) Indoor and outdoor media advertising demands huge investment while Internet marketing is much more inexpensive.

3) By sitting at one place we can compare the price of the product we want to pick, at different sites before going for it.

4) Outdoor and indoor media advertising offers you to highlight your product in a chosen area while Internet marketing offers you a wide area even global to highlight your products so that you could target more customers.

5) Internet marketing also offers you to get instant customer reaction while placing an ad in a local newspaper provides you the same lately.

6) Every one of us must have realised sometime twenty-four hours in a day is not proving enough for them for the things they wish to do in a current world where competition dominated everything. The Internet marketing spares you from spending your extra time in visiting the market.

Disadvantage of Internet marketing:

1) There is still a large section of people untouched by skill required for Internet marketing.

2) Some brands, products and services appeal only a particular section of people who may not be tech savvy, required for Internet marketing.

3) One of the disadvantages of Internet marketing is- The companies involved in Internet marketing make their strategy visible to their competitors because of transparency it offers. There is no denial of a chance your competitors can copy your strategy.

4) The companies offering their products and services online cannot make every customer happy with whatever they are having for them. Customers sometimes give negative feedback, which may damage the reputation of the company.