SnapView -> RoundView 🌀

Update(1 Dec 2016): According to intellectual property claim from Snap Inc. I’m not allowed to use the word “Snap”, ”ghost & spectacles emoji’s”. So renamed SnapView to RoundView and moved the site to 💛.

Old 💛

RoundView is a simple tool to make your videos look like recorded using Spectacles. I made SnapView because of a tweet from 😺

How it works?

Old 💛
  • Upload a video to RoundView.
  • Now a preview of the uploaded video will be shown.
  • Click on START to record the video & STOP to end it. (You can also record audio during this recording)
  • Now two videos will be generated, the one without audio & the other with custom audio(takes <1 min).

Note: The video(w/0 audio) is in webm format and you have to convert it to mp4 or other video formats to share it. And the video(w/ audio) works in many social networks but if you get any error while uploading then convert it to mov format and share.

Use CloudConvert for webm->mp4 or mp4->mov .

Here is my video

P.S: Sorry for the format problem!

Have fun 🙌

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