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Perfumes of the Past

Hold my hand and let us both lie
Beneath the blanket of this shimmering sky.
Visit every star. Touch the corners of the universe.
Plant merry gardens in every barren world.
Scented jasmines. Marigolds. Daisies.
Sunflowers and white roses brighter than the passing orbs.
Let us leap from planet to planet.
Two frolicking fairies. Gardeners of the galaxy.
Colour the landscapes with melted rainbows.
Inhale the scents. Let them percolate.
Seep into the feeble fabric of our souls.
For there will come a day when we are both parted.
Betrayed by mortality. Forcibly departed.
Reborn in lives unknown. Lands far apart.
But the perfumes of the past will linger on.
The gardens will seed. Flower and bloom.
Bridge the muddy seas of time.
And in our new lives, our spirit will rekindle.
Every memory awakened by a fresh scent.
Each breath consumed by the urge to return.
Leave the tragic valleys of oblivion.
Leap across the edges of existence.
A solitary aim. A single purpose.
Not resting until we have defied the Gods.
Not resting until we are one under the sky again.