Pink — A tale that needs to be told today.

It is a very rare phenomenon when you leave a cinema hall so disturbed and moved after watching a Bollywood film. Pink does that, convincingly. Titled Shoojit Sircar’s Pink, the film is directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdary and written by Ritesh Shah and narrates the events that unfurls after three independent working women of Delhi — Meenal, Falak and Andrea attend a rock concert and meets a gang of guys, one of whom happens to be a schoolmate of one of the girls.

As the film begins with the three girls returning to their home after a mishap and the guys rushing to a hospital and we are not shown what actually happened till the end credits roll. All the normal questions like what, how, when, where and why are answered implicitly through the conversations between the various characters. We are then introduced to Mr. Deepak Sehgal, an aged law practitioner who had quit his practice owing to his health issues. The way he wears a mask while going for his walks and removing it in a park to feel the smell of air free from all the pollutants, raises curiosity but is unanswered in the film. It was just one of his habits. Maybe. The same stands good for his ailing wife, a character which I don’t see has anything to do with the story line.

One of the girls,Meenal played by Tapsee Pannu is revealed to have attacked a guy, Rajveer Singh as he tries to molest her. Its shown a unplanned act and rather spur of the moment which leaves the girls to state of confusion and trauma. Though they try to go back to their normal lives, the guy and his friends continue to harass them physically and psychologically which leaves no option for the girls but to seek the legal advice and things take a U turn when the police charges the case against the girls for attempt to murder under the political influence Rajveer’s uncle. The film becomes predictable from here on, but is riveting and thrilling till the climax.

The second half of the film is completely a court room drama and there are not one but many scenes which were welcomed by cheers and applauds when Deepak Sehgal when he questions the morality of Indian society and its bias for male gender. It’s not strange that our society ill treats working woman who wears shorts, smokes or drinks or hangs out with friends of opposite gender. they are considered nothing but a curse and a after effect of improper upbringing.

The influence Shoojit Sircar, though credited as the creative producer can be seen throughout the film and for me he is just not the creative producer. Amitabh Bachchan continues to impress with his choice of characters and should be a role model for 50+ stars of all film industries across India who still continue to romance heroines in their early twenties. Tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari and Andrea Tariang plays the three Delhi girls convincingly who are not the portrayed as advocates of feminism. They are rather shown as typical Indian girls of today who are vulnerable and decides to act against the guys only when they are left with no option. Piyush Mishra and Dhritiman Chatterjee as the prosecutor and the judge we good choices for the film.

The film is well written, riveting and deeply disturbing. But this is a story to be told today and the makers have done 100% justice to the film. We need more Pink and Piku that Dilwales, Sultans and PRDPs. This is a much needed consolation for Bollywood and undoubtedly the best film of the year for Bollywood.

Go for it !!!