You’ll learn who you are in the process.

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A city is fine too

Who are you? You’ll answer this question thousands of times, from the very beginning, when there is little ‘you’ beyond your name, to the middle, when the answer must be laced with indicators of social worth and status, to the end, when you are the culmination of experiences innumerable, and perhaps then you just ‘are’.

We are always the composition of our experiences, our thoughts, our dreams and our values; they dictate how we live, what we say, who we spend time with, and where we go. But how do you define yourself? It’s impossible to hold every moment you’ve lived and every thought you’ve entertained all at once, there is no mind with enough room. I’d argue that, in aide of this great undertaking, we build narratives. …


Rahul Naidoo

Fitness geek, tech enthusiast, computer science grad from Harvard (‘19). Professional health over-analyser. Instagram: rahul.naidoo

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