7 steps to successful Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is a conceptual position always you want to have in the target consumer’s mind — the benefits you want them to think of when they think of your brand. An effective brand positioning strategy is applied to maximize consumer relevancy. Competitive distinctiveness is also a factor to boost up in maximizing brand value.

Here are seven effective steps to assist your brand to succeed in today’s competitive market.

1. Recognize a definite target-You should Recognize a definite target for whom is your brand product service, or is intended for, and it, of course, it includes that customers who most intimately represent your product, service, or brand’s most passionate users. This is the demographic or psychographic description of your desired customer.

2. Reason to buy — Why would they go for to purchase it? What is the specialty about the product? Is it better faster, cheaper, cooler, sexier, and more convenient? To be said in another way, what specialties are they looking for and cannot find on the market?

3. Product/Service/Brand — Be very specific about what you’re going to market. This looks like a simple step apparently. But after taking a few minutes you have to reflect on what you are attempting to position exactly. Is it your product or service itself? Or, is it your company?

4. Framing market reference: Frame a reference of the market or category in which your product, service, or brand is going to compete. Establishing a frame of reference is helpful to provide context for your brand and importance to your consumers. Generally, this is a very common mistake here is to make a frame of reference for such people who don’t understand. They just cry asking about it. Is it a phone, security software a luxury car, a bank, and yogurt, whatever?

5. Your main competitor — Who is those consumers buying from today? Don’t think that there is no opposition. There always is, even if it’s a consumer doing it themselves or using a recipe of products.

6. Key benefit — The most motivating and compelling benefit your brand offers your target customers.

7. Key Differentiator –You have to answer how are you better and special relative to your opposition? If you stop giving an answer to this question, you should go no further. This is decisive.

Some key suggestions:

· See brands through consumers’ eyes

· Don’t be afraid to imagine big

· Expose the brand’s benefits to the target audience

To make the process of brand positioning strategy creation very smooth, experts recommend starting with three or four people from different functions. You have to make sure that someone would be there from the sales of the team who can be a proxy for customers and bring authenticity into the process.