ZiveBox App Review

The office operation had never been so simple and manageable. ZiveBox ensures easy communication and integrates the operations of the entire office and places it at the disposal of the user. The files and the necessary sharable information is available right at the tip of your fingers. With 10 GB of space for file storage, you can store lots of your important documents.

For the managerial staff

ZiveBox eases the time and efforts of the top managerial officials as they can get the briefs of the organization without actually being there. The best part of the app is the feature for streamlining all your operations. With the integrated enterprise communication, allocation of tasks and sub tasks is easy. The approval and expense management takes care of the ease in approval of the received bills. The user gets the summary of the received bills that are accepted or rejected on the same sheet.

The comprehensive files and folder management of ZiveBox categorises files pertaining to a project automatically at creation of the project or initiation of a chat. These are available for use later, and saves time spent in searching while you are busy at other work. Other features include being able to provide immediate feedback to the concerned staff member so that there is not much effort put in wrong direction and a culture of transparency is promoted. Rewarding your team members with micro points for boosting them up is also possible now. The GPS tracking in the app keeps a check on the movements of the employees. The days and the timings of the tracking can be customized with the consolidated report at day end being generated for each employee.What more? Conferencing is possible with the users having the app installed in their handsets almost anytime anywhere. A board room is not required for the meeting.

The app becomes a necessity for you. You are aware of your organization through various dashboards, reports that track employee utilization across departments, location, users.

For the Workforce

The app proves to be a real time assistant taking care of the enterprise communication which one can never neglect. Proper documentation of the day’s activities, analysis of the task carried out and other such features make the app a much adorable one by the employees.

ZiveBox is a boon to the three major departments in the organization, IT, Hr and Sales, through artificial intelligence backed Bots.

The IT Bots are available 24X7 with proper and immediate information on any breakdown. Human intervention is reduced for routine procedures making these operations more convenient.

The HR is benefitted with the digital details of all the staff at their fingertips.Routine tasks like updating records, onboarding processes can be automated using HR bots.HR bot can even transact with IT bot for automated inter-departmental communication.

The sales department can use Sales bots to manage their appointments and schedules at all times.Shopping bots are available that targets retail customers on basis of their needs to maximize value both for the retailer and its customers.

ZiveBox plays well on both the android and the apple phones and proves a real support while you are busy with your clients and business deals.