Bubbles Around Ourselves

Have you ever felt at once that the life you are leading has its foundations like the ‘castles made in the air’? Have you realized at once that the aura that has been associated with you for a long time was a myth?

My roommate made a statement yesterday, “Rahul! You need to come out of your self-made bubble and do justice to your potential.” It took me aback! Pangs erupted in my conscience. But when I sat calmly and thought about it, I was all praise for him for revealing a big truth about our everyday lives!

We all live our lives the way we want. Come on! We have to accept the fact that we make bubbles around us — the bubbles of achievements, accomplishments, intelligence, and all. Most of the times, these bubbles are made by our own thoughts and actions. And other times, it’s our friend circle or neighbors who build these bubbles for us.

I have had this bubble of being a good writer, a student of IIT with above average GPA, a budding data analyst and what not! Many of my friends have their own kind of bubbles. We make these bubbles the way it suits us. Moreover, your friend circle gives you titles like “x_god”, “y_god”, “z-stud” etc. which not only helps is creating that bubble but also inflates it out of proportion. Unknowingly, I too have made these bubbles around myself using the validation that I got from people and the way people showed me ‘x’ as ‘X’. I too judged small things as bigger ones and was happy in my own secure bubble. I studied a bit of Machine Learning, participated in few competitions and started thinking of myself as someone who is highly skilled at Machine Learning! Same goes for the infinite other bubbles that my friends have made for themselves! And you know why do we make these bubbles around us? To protect ourselves from the tags of being mediocre, being normal, being common, being a failure, being a not-so-good-achiever, being not a stud! If you don’t have this bubble around you, reality might hit you hard and you may go into depression realizing that all the bubble that you spent years in making were just a thin layer of your inflated ego and the validation that people unknowingly gave you. Just one prick of reality and boom! Bubble bursts!!

It’s okay to make bubbles as long as they are made using something substantial. The online or offline validations that we seek from people around us (we eventually get that) shouldn’t be the ones which make the bubble around you. If you are not strong enough to confront the world outside your bubble; let the bubble remain even if it’s virtual. It will protect you from the comparisons of outside world. But remember, one day, this bubble is going to burst and you will find yourself running out of time. So, why not to start making a real bubble from today!

Wizards making security shield around Hogwarts (HP and Deathly Hallows - Part 2)

This all reminds of the scene from Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows (Part 2) where professors of Hogwarts make security bubbles around the school using their spells to protect it from Death Eaters. Death Eaters of competition and the real world are waiting outside for us. And we can’t rely on the virtual bubbles that we have made for our own comfort. Go to Hogwarts, learn how to cast actual spells and make a real strong bubble around yourself! No Death Eater will be ever able to breach that!

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