Mozilla in Allahabad

Webmaker’s kitchen party with kids

In midst of the January I have got surprising invitation to webmaker kitchen party. it was the first event of its kind that is held on the land of Allahabad. The city paves history related to our national movement and also birthplace of many legends including our first prime minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. The city have India’s best premier institutes including historical Allahabad University but at the same time there is a lack of it events and meet-up for students related to FOSS organisation. So Mozilla kitchen party was really a special event for me. I am thankful to ReMo Shahid Farooqui for organising the event and also mozilla foundation.

Ok that all was formal introduction now let’s go through the event’s activities;

The event location was ReMo’s house itself, So it was restricted to few number of students only as we were having limited resource as well as space. Mainly children from neighbour has came to attend the event and these small kids were really excited about the events and also for the Mozilla’s swags i.e. badges, stickers etc. Without putting them down into anticipation ReMo Shahid Farooqui started the event by giving an awesome talk on Mozilla foundation and its products. It was motivating as well as with each passing slide i was becoming more and more interested in Mozilla foundation.

Thereafter each one of us RMA’s (Rais Ahmad) and FSA’s( Charul, Aditya, Jatin, Tayyab) has given some small talks on various topics related to the web world. Mine was about Firefox Student Ambassador program. Everyone knew that children would not understand the formal description and you all might be aware about how difficult it is to teach small kids. So i illustrated them with about FSA program with taking examples from their life only.

Now moving forward to the last activity i.e. logo design. In this all the children got their drawing equipments from the Mozilla and we asked them to draw Mozilla or Webmaker’s logo on their wish. The drawing were beautiful as well as elegant. In this activity we have selected two best drawing and our ReMo Shahid Farooqui presented them some prizes.

Now we have reached to end of the event. We had a group photo and delicious snacks with all the participants and members. I was still excited to learn more about Mozilla and how to move forward from here. So i went to ReMo and asked all the question i had in my mind. I have also given some proposal to him about our future plans and activities in college campus as well as in Allahabad.

I will talk more about the my journey in Mozilla world in future. Till then bye !!!