IETF 104 Hackaton

I am Rahul Shivadan , student at College Du Saint Esprit in Mauritius . I’m aged 15 and today I will be describing everything that i did on the IETF Hackaton today.

On my first day with team at IETF104 Hackaton , I learned many interesting things which I could do with the open source platform. It was my first time I was participating in a hackaton,I learned how to install Ubuntu Server and configured it and it worked as planned then I also learned about ssh and how to use it correctly.

On my second day,I booted Lubuntu and started working on it as I discovered that it was much more lighter than Ubuntu. I discovered how to use Wireshark and While executing commands on the terminal we could clearly analyse all the traffic packets in my network and I also learned many things about “LE PHB”, and about “Dscp”

Here I will be explaining more about “Le Pub” and “Dscp”. As far as i know about “dscp” it means a packet header value which can be used to request priority such as High priority or best priority to deliver for the traffic in the network.

I had no idea how to deal with networking by setting packets priority and then without any hesitation I asked team for help and everyone tried their best to help me . After sometimes I decided to work on “netperf” which is a benchmark that we can use in order to measure the performance of different types of networking. First of all I started by cloning the repository from “Github”, then I selected “netperf” in the terminal and executed some commands such as ./configure and make . After some minutes of finding the place that i can add my code (LE) which means Lower Effort and I wrote my code as it should be on a piece of paper first and then after doing that i double checked it and then i executed the command “Nano” and added the lines of codes needed .

I thought that I was doing all the work in the bad way but later I said to myself “you can do it” and then i was really happy that everything worked as expected and made a pull request on “Github” and again it worked as magic .

From my own experience i would recommend everyone to find interest as it is very interesting and i am sure you guys will like it a lot. See you on the next IETF Hackaton guys .Special thanks to group :)