Points to keep in mind before kidney transplant

The kidney failures are now considered as one of the common ailments being faced by the people. This problem requires kidney transplant surgery, which is done by the experienced kidney failure treatment hospitals who look at this as a process. The problem of kidney failure may be faced suddenly or gradually, but you feel the need of kidney transplant program to get treated.

Before getting a kidney transplant the patients should keep in mind the below mentioned points for good results:

· Analyze the good outcomes of that hospital

Make sure that your hospital is in sync with the national standards. Such analysis is important because it involves the treatment of high-risk patients who may have experienced failures from other centres.

· Look for a medical centre that boasts strong expertise in dialysis access

The hospital should have experienced kidney transplant team and support personnels so that they can create effective dialysis access for the patients, including the hemodialysis.

· Availability of Polycystic kidney disease treatment

The hospital should offer bilateral nephrectomy as well as the simultaneous living donor transplant for patients who are suffering with polycystic kidney disease.

· National Kidney Registry

They should have a participation in the National Kidney Registry that offers a greater flexibility to look for a suitable donor-recipient pairs needed for the exchange of kidneys.

· Transplant for HIV-positive as well as the hepatitis C-positive patients

They should also boast the transplant for the patients who are diagnosed positive for hepatitis C or HIV.

· Living donor transplant

They should offer the living donor transplant for adult as well as pediatric patients which helps to eliminate the recipient’s need for placement on the national waiting list which is very crucial in the cases of transplant.