Deciding The Best Montessori For Your Child

Just when your little darling starts to utter his/her first words, you know the time for him to step out of the comfort of home is fast approaching. Your child must be ready to face the world and then follows the hardest part, choosing the right pre-school for your kid.

While many believe, choosing a pre-school is not as tough as choosing an advanced school but the fact is, your little inquisitive child needs proper guidance in his formative years the most. So while choosing the first school for your child, you must be sure of the fact that what exactly you are looking for in the school. While some parents look for convenient location, some opt for a proper method and curriculum for the overall development of the child. Here is a list of 3 best Pre-Schools in Kolkata you can consider when your little toddler gets ready for the big world outside.

Leap Years Preschool

If you are looking for an overall development of your child, with special emphasis to his/her uniqueness, this Preschool in Bhawanipore is your answer. Leap Years Playschool aims at providing a nurturing environment for the child to develop mentally, physically and emotionally. Very few preschools in Kolkata keep the emotional development and expression of a child when preparing the curriculum and Leap Years Preschool has brought in an innovation in this term. The curriculum not only involves the Montessori Method but also the contemporary Play Way method that aims at developing a child’s multiple intelligences. Their method of teaching allows a child to choose a variety of activities allowing them to be creative and also have fun. The Time Out zones encourages a child to read, which helps in brain development and also helps in development of a habit for lifetime. The workshops arranged by this Preschool are innovative which encourages a child to take interest in Art, Music, Geography, Chess etc.


A known name in the world of Preschools and located in many parts of Kolkata offers many programs. They aim at creating emerging leaders and do not believe in the teacher- led to the child centric education method. Kidzee keeps the human rights of a child as a priority. Their various programs aim at the various age groups for children. While rhymes, scrapbook activity, art and craft, sand play and water play aims at the development of the little toddlers aged between 1 to 2 years, they also incorporate other activities in the curriculum of the children aged between 1.5 years to 2.5 years which enables them to be an explorer. Activities like field trips, Creative time, library time or celebration of festivals helps in the development of these little explorers.


Eurokids is a brand with International presence which works towards exploring the innate potential of a child. They intend to make learning a joyous process. Their curriculum incorporate integrated learning through music, art, drama, dance and various other similar projects. Through fun and play they help a child to follow a routine and learn to socialize and get ready for the world outside. They take effort to make the child feel at home with their motto of making their preschool experience homely. In Eurokids your little darling will incorporate the skills needed to succeed in school and also in life.