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This is incredible. Unikrn was founded in 2014, but 2019 is our first year operating with our own IOM license. To be named the esports operator of the year so fast just goes to show what good planning, innovative thinking and an exceptional global team can do.

Why is Unikrn better than the rest? It’s simple: it’s our culture, it’s our people, it’s our ingenuity. Unikrn is building more than a wagering operator; Unikrn is building a lifestyle brand. From shopping to betting to watching to gaming, there’s something at Unikrn for any gamer.

That single-minded devotion to our community is how we created an operator of the year quality destination. There’s a betting experience available for just about every taste. …

UnikoinGold Added to Specialty Exchange LUPEX

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The mission of UnikoinGold has always been to create a single crypto to create seamless utility for gaming, esports and betting. This year, we’ve noticed an uptick in the demand for these kind of experience, both on and off Unikrn.

Case in point: LUPEX. Spawn in 2019, LUPEX is an exchange built with gamification in mind, they’re excited about rewarding crypto the way Unikrn rewards gaming with Unikrn Connekt.

It made sense to everybody on both sides to put our compatible missions together, and I’m extremely pleased to say LUPEX is adding UnikoinGold to multiple markets for fans who want to level up their gaming. …

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Deposit in to Unikrn with top Crypto and bet with UKG!

Unikrn esports betting just became the most accessible crypto betting platform on Earth. After months of partnered development, I’m proud to say Unikrn’s crypto wallet now has some of the most robust functionality in blockchain.

Using the new Unikrn wallet, you can deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON and many others (even Dogecoin — wow so much Fortnite) for secure holding, and automatically convert any deposited crypto into UnikoinGold for use in esports betting, casino play, Unikrn UMode or online shopping with applicable partners.

Then, when you’re done using your crypto and want to bring it back to an exchange, Unikrn wallet will offer to automatically convert your withdrawn UnikoinGold back to the crypto you most recently deposited. …

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