Staying Present in the Moment is Very Important#Day24

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Today I sat down and reflected on my thinking and found how much stuck I’m in my past and future thoughts and how less focused I’m in the present moment

Due to me blogging everyday,reading books, watching and consuming content about how influenced our thought are on our life is giving me different perspective in many ways

As a Man Thinketh, Mahabharata, Videos of Sam Ovens, Jay Shetty ,David Goggins,Gary Vee and many more helped me and I do even meditate twice a day and exercise daily for ( 1 hr to 1hr 30 mins) this habits which I have built back during this lockdown

And more importantly by blogging daily I’m able to tap into my old story and reflect upon my choices and how I have transformed over time

This experience is helping me better understand myself and reflect and see what’s causing an imbalance in my life

Although I’m moving towards a positive path but still I do have a lot to change to get my thoughts back in the present

I did mess up my thought process and allowed it to be chaotic due to circumstances and my bad habits in the past

But I failed to realise it and was stuck in life so was in a state of purposelessness

I had completed my degree my father had passed away and I was clueless what to do in life although I had distracted myself with random works

I had big aspirations but didn’t know the path to reach it because my state back then blinded me and I couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel

Not that I gave up or stopped trying but I was always moving forward in one way or another but lost that state of flow

Although I was doing and geting success I was not satisfied with what I was doing and wanted to change

I traveled a bit and choice to try random things to figure something out and get out of it but this tension always existed whether I will waste my life because I didn’t have the right mindset

But now I realise how important it is and as Simon Sinek says we are playing an infinite game

I failed to realise that I was just 21 back then and didn’t need to have all the shit figured out with my life

I did have a lot of startup ideas but I was not able to execute and build it and was stuck

Because I focused on wrong thing which I understand now

When I started out when I was just 19 I did a lot of random thing and so many side gigs because I didn’t know anything and was just following where the opportunity was and was very happy doing it but after 2 years I was not satisfied because I felt not successful although I had made a lot of progress

And also the personal problems and losing my dad also fueled that feeling

I always handled my problems by myself and was never vulnerable enough to share it with anyone

As Sam Ovens says that a person is motivated to keep a certain standard below which he can’t accept

So this was true in my life because I was stuck in this pattern for very long time because I used to build things up and later break things down thus having a net zero gain

I had a certain body fat that I’m ok with after which i will get sloppy with my diet and gain back that weight and again follow back and become strict and lose weight but never achieving the final goal

It was true for Money and most things because they way you do one thing is how you do all things

It’s so depressing to be stuck in this pattern and feel that bipolarity

As I become aware of it,I tried to change it but it was hard as that pattern had unconsciously repeated many time

During this time I was getting anger very past and was also feeling it hard to meditate and be in present as I had lost the balance

The dark patterns did kept me stuck and unfocused but slowly I did heal and recover by changing behaviours in my life and shifting my perspective about life

Although this was happening I never stopped learning or trying I kept at it although it was not perfect because I over did sometimes and didn’t do it enough sometimes

Everyone as their own struggle in life whether it’s emotional or physical but need to man up and get over it

Best solution to all your problem is first accepting and being aware of it

This helps you get a stronger understanding why something is bothering you

Mostly it will be something from the past or in the future

Like i’m not good enough or will i be successful or will I do something I regret because of my bad habit or whether i’m good enough to do this etc etc

Which are all just thought which don’t hold any value because you can’t change what as happened in the past and can’t forsee your future

So staying stuck because of that won’t make your life any better that’s why you need to start doing activity or bring positive change in your life which can bring you back to the present moment

Slowly you will heal as you think deeply and break all the mental baggage you carry with new and different perspective

You can’t control your thoughts because it keeps coming in different fashion but you don’t need to also as you can make positive behavioural changes which moves you away from those negativity and help you change your life

You must define your current character and have a third persons view to consciously separate yourself and see cause and effect of your thoughts on your life

Think deeply and see the stories you are telling yourself to keep you stuck in the past or future but failing to live your life in the moment

Be mindful and be conscious about your thoughts and try to live in the present moment

Thank You 😀😀

PS: I’m Rahul Sundar Co-Founder of PayNav,I have took up this challenge to write a blog post everyday for 30 days,this is my 24th day, do support me in this journey and checkout my other blogs in my profile

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Life Long Learner Co-Founder @PayNav

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