That is stupid. If I’m hungry, I buy something to eat. If I need shelter, I rent an apartment. I don’t starve in the cold until prices get lower.
Financial Fridays: Everything You Need To Know About Economics But… Actually There’s Nothing You…
James Altucher

But you won’t buy a car now, will you? what will happen to all those people who are getting employment through automobile industry.

Not only them, what’ll happen to the people who are working in ‘ANY F***ING INDUSTRY BUT FOOD’

Or not only them, even the people who make food that is expensive than essential. People are not even gonna buy them.

And “If in need shelter, I’ll buy an apartment”, well how the hell are you going to buy an apartment since you got kicked out of your job and you don’t have enough money to buy a house, and banks are also not willing to pay you loans to buy that house.

Maybe you just need to think it through.

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