Top 10 Django Projects Started in 2016 — End of Year Review

Earlier this year, I wrote an article that was sort of a mid-year review of popular Django projects from Github. This article follows up on that one. My criteria is slightly different, so skip to the end of the article if you want to know how I selected these projects

The Top 10

1. django-controlcenter

Easily add a dashboard with widgets to django-admin. Basically, use this thing for adding simple reporting needs where you want some visualizations added easily, but don’t want to spend a lot of time designing a custom display.

2. ActivFlow

An extensible, full-featured, moderately-opinionated workflow engine. Could be useful for rolling your own ERP. Also, features a pretty nice looking GUI.

3. django-field-history

Lets you keep a history of all changes to a particular model’s field. Store the field’s name, value, date and time of change, and the user that changed it.

4. graphene-django

I was on the line about including this project since its use-case seems so narrow at this point. But here it is.

5. python-diskcache

This package is a backend for caching that uses disk. Pretty obvious. But it argues that it can be as performant as in-memory caching for the fetching operation (not setting or deleting, though.) Quite the claim, but here’s the benchmark below.

6. django-admino

If you want a REST API, but think that DRF has too much configuration, then this project was made for you. It literally adds a REST API onto django-admin endpoints with maybe 3 lines of code. So it’s extremely light.

7. django-safety

This project provides two very simple features: (1) allow a user to purge sessions from other devices, and(2) allow an admin to force a password reset on a specific user.

8. django-perf-rec

Another narrow feature set here: effectively, this package provides protection against accidentally making materially changes in your SQL queries.

9. mypy-django

An unusual project, mypy-django is an implementation of the PEP-484 spec for the built-in Django components. Basically, if you care about static type checking, and you don’t mind using something experimental to help you, then you’ll care about this.

10. django-trackstats

Want to gather statistics about your own models, but don’t want to rely on a third-party service? That’s what this does.

Selection Criteria for this List

Last time, I just derived my list from this query on Github for projects started this year. Basically, I’m doing by the most popular stars first, and after that, I was primarily interested in code bases that were things that you could add to a Django project to provide either drop-in functionality or enable you to build features more easily.

I write about Python, Django, and web dev in general.

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