Top 10 Python Projects Started in July 2016

You’ll note this is only for one month. Why did I decide to write this? Over 45,000 python projects were started in July of this year on Github. That’s compared to the 30k of last year, and the 19k from 2014. It seems the python community is booming right now. So I felt it only fair to show off some of the great stuff from the last month.

You may have noticed that my list doesn’t quite line up with what’s actually listed on Github. I’m just trying provide afilter of what will actually be useful to the wider python development community, not just certain narrow applications (I’m looking at you Pokemon Go).

1. asyncpg

Want a different driver for posgtres other than psycopg2 or aiopg? Here it is. It claims 2x performance speed with support for prepared statements, scrolleable cursors, and partial iterators on query results as well as a smattering of other nice things.

2. aq

Ever wanted to count how many running EC2 instances per instance type you had on AWS? No? Well, OK, someone implemented SQL queries on AWS for that anyhow. Have fun!

3. tplmap

Automate the process of detecting and exploiting Server-Side Template Injection vulnerabilities. Has support for testing Mako, Jinja2, Jade, Smarty, Freemarker, Velocity, and Twig.

4. docsbox

So the documentation isn’t the greatest on this one, but as far as I can tell, this is a standalone Flask service to convert filetypes. It also supports docker.

5. python/devguide

This is a pretty simple little repo. Admittedly, it’s not really python code. But it is the documentation that has been moved to Github that shows you how to contribute to CPython.

6. daleroberts/tv

It lets you look at and zoom into pictures inside your terminal. Yep, that’s it.

7. awesome-wagtail

Wagtail is a django content management system. This repo is list of great resources for that project.

8. chopsticks

Chopsticks can be best compared to fabric or ansible. A big difference is that it doesn’t call out to bash, but instead allows you to run as if you’re in a python shell. It also has support for docker.

9. coffer

Create dev environments that are not isolated from the network. Makes it easier to spin up similar environments for dev work. But shouldn’t be used in prod.

10. csv-sql

Ever wanted to do a sql query on your csv, but couldn’t because it’s a csv? Now you can!