Living with “larger” boobs in an A-B-C predominant society

I cannot possibly mention to you the number of times I have been through entire underwear sections in department stores only to walk out empty handed. In a country where every other female is smaller than a US size 8, I am an anomaly.

Please don’t get too excited because honestly, my breasts are not massive by any means. Really, I would consider them moderately sized, I’m not going to lie and call them small. The best way to describe them is that they are about a handful — literally. Oh man, I hope I don’t sound crude.

Yet every time I walk into a regular bra shop in Singapore, I end up disappointed because seriously, NOTHING FITS well enough. I have had sales ‘aunties’ shove various bras in sizes that are most definitely not not going to fit into my hands. And I have even had one disgruntled lady tell me after I had tried on their biggest size that I cannot buy bras in Singapore.

Well, great. Now what am I supposed to do?

(Actually, I even resorted to stocking up in Malacca during a trip because I was that desperate.)

I am well aware that I could shop online for them. But unlike clothes, undergarments are not so forgiving. One size up or down in a bra, and it would be so very uncomfortable to wear. I would much rather try them on to be completely sure of what I was paying for. There are so many things that constitute to what would be a perfect fit.

Two major things that affect the sizes of one’s bra are the length of the band, and the actual cup size. The cup size is measured by the difference in the circumference below the bust the circumference along the middle of the bust.

So basically, the bigger the difference, the larger your cup size is.

I have measured myself (and have had myself measured) and I am an E75. People get so carried away when I tell I’m an E cup. First they comment about how big my boobs must be. Then they wonder why I don’t look as big as they expect me to be. Well that is because I am on the smaller side of E cup scale.

In fact, someone who wears a D80 and girl who wears a C85, technically has the same sized boobs as me. (Of course our shapes might be different). All that differs is that their boobs relative to their underbust measurement is a tad smaller.

Bra education in this country is sorely lacking and it is near impossible to find a bra beyond a D cup. It is extremely frustrating to be force-fitted into bras that aren’t meant for you, and disheartening to be dismissed by a saleslady who cannot give you a better solution.

I could also complain to you about how larger cupped bras look like bulletproof vests, or are made of some granny’s lacy curtains. (The last time I wore a bra that was neither beige nor black, I was 16, wearing an ill-fitting C cup). And about how better fitting bras for D cups and beyond are always priced much more than their ABC counterparts. Why?

Others would say thou doth complain too much, but I disagree. There are people out there who have larger boobs than me and I cannot imagine how tiring it must be to have such few options.

It can’t be only me who faces this problem in Singapore? Clearly I have not been in the right shops; or is there truly no place out there where I can get simple, well-fitting bras?

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