IOS + Aero + Material Design = Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Fluent Design System 👍👍

Now that Windows 10 Creator update is rolling out for PC’s across the world, Microsoft is ready to make the next big change in their Operating system with Windows 10 Fall Creators update.

The first screen show new screen called the timeline with taskbar having more like translucent and glassy looks with anything that is underneath it getting blurred out. Definitely looks more like IOS + Aero + Material design.

contact app

The next screen shows us the contacts app which again is more like Aero from the windows 7 and the new thing that is shown here is LIGHT which is the illumination of the neighboring elements ie: edges when you hover on them glows. This provides more of intuitiveness towards the user.

The next screen is showing the photos app which is more like previous photos app on steroids. LOL!! It basically shows that user can do more of basic video editing stuff like advanced digital compositing from the OS right out of the box. This will be amazing if it stays this way as Microsoft is not making a new app for the functionality, which is great. This app can compile a video for you which is more like movie maker.


Here is the next thing, we see some stuff which can be simulated from virtual reality with hollow lens. But the fact that these objects still has the normal windows features like minimize maximize with little depth is amazing.

Calendar app

Moving on from here we have a calendar app which shows us the use of depth is used with smooth fluency. This here looks like a separate wall or a full screen window much like full screen window in MacOS. Definitely would like to hear some comments down there, what do you thing guys?

The next big thing which i thought was the above image which looks like a explorer but the thing is that its missing its 3 main features that is close,minimize and maximize. ??????????

All in all if this is the path Microsoft is going to take with its Windows OS then it sure does look good for the windows future.

Watch the video here and comment:

Microsoft Fluent Design System

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