Kotlin for Android

Today at Google I/O 2017, google has announced that Kotlin is officially supported language to develop android apps. This by far might be the biggest decision that android has made for its developers community.

What makes Kotlin so amazing?

Kotlin is statically-typed programming language a new programming language from JetBrains, the maker of the world’s best IDEs and also Android Studio is build on top of Intellij IDEA . Its high performance, statically typed “ pragmatic language” that leverages the environment of JVM(Java Virtual Machine). Being Open source allows open source community to contribute to it. This being said, Kotlin is designed with Java Interoperability in mind. Existing Java code can be called from Kotlin in a natural way, and Kotlin code can be used from Java rather smoothly as well.

Just not this Kotlin can be compiled to JavaScript source code. This means that Kotlin has two compilers, the former produces bytecode that can be executed in the JVM and the latter produces just Javascript. This lets Kotlin to be interoperable with both the languages.

Kotlin is a Language that you can compile to run your programs on different environments and/or devices.

Kotlin to replace Java??

This can be debatable topic as many of you might agree to it but for now its a strict “NO” as most of the android application are developed in Java. It might not completely replace java but we might have developers migrating to Kotlin code and working with both for now.

Kotlin more powerfull then java

Kotline being more expressive and concise in less amount of code you get more output compared to Java. Kotline also provides safety features such as its immutable in nature and the nullability factor in Kotline meaning you wont find the Null-Pointer exception at run time any more.

It support higher order functions: Meaning in case of java we can only passvariable or reference variable to function, but with Kotlin we can simply pass function within function.

Support for lambda expressions: If you have been developing android app then you will know the importance of lambda expression.

Check out the keynote and Kotlin announcement below:

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