#RollWithRaiklin Join us in a walk through Lake Accotink #Virginia with the family as we watch cardboard boat racing. 😳. Then attempted 🎣 by G-$ and T-man. Then a 1.2 mile 🏊 to train for an @ironman at the pool. Best part is Gregory’s @snap @spectacles takeover while he got some rays. Then it was time for a late lunch followed by a Delta flight to….? Who can guess? Thanks to Snap, Oakley, Garmin, Aftershokz, Spotify, Speedo, Honey Stinger snack, & Under Armour for making it a pleasant day!!! #Virginia #Fitness #Tech #Outdoors #LeadByExample #BeAGoodRoleModelForMyKidsWifeFamilyCommunityCountryWorldperforming arts

original posted from https://youtu.be/NbqV4mI_-fk

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