How I Got Started With Coding and Where I am At

I got the idea of writing software from my cousin who told me that it was a more creative and rewarding route than the path I was currently on, accounting and finance. I was a year and three months into my accounting job (my first job out of undergraduate) and just finished my first semester into my MBA program, but I just couldn’t see myself in my current job and the MBA classes weren’t intellectually stimulating for me. So I quit my job, dropped out of my MBA program, and started coding. The biggest free resource that has helped me is freeCodeCamp. They helped me get started, write my first line of code — get my fundamental understanding down. Falling in love with coding was also falling in love with FCC. I completed their front end program.

However I got stuck when I had to learn React. I could not learn further from a free resource, and bought a couple of udemy classes and the one that I’m working on is:

It’s great, it helped me with understanding React immensely and I still have 40% to go. I’m extremely thankful for affordable education. Furthermore, I’ve also been contributing to open source code and written some simple client side applications , my handle is thisisrai is GitHub. Besides from that, I’m putting in work and coding.

Code on!

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