Random Thoughts and Whatnot

Everyday life can be boring and monotonous, the same commute, the same lunch, the same topics of gossip. It can wear you out and make you forget why you started in the first place. But remember to be inspired, to persevere, and why you do what you do.

Be inspired by winners, by everyone, by YOU

You’re on your way to success. I know this because you’re still alive, you choose to live, choose to endure and become stronger. This very fact shows that you’re not a quitter and if you’re not winning yet surely you’ll be. So be inspired by the very fact that you are fighting, fighting for your dreams, fighting for a better life. Be inspired by YOU.

It is not a good story, if there isn’t some failure

Have you ever watched a good movie where the protagonist didn’t have to overcome some struggle? Have you ever met someone who’s successful without going through some failure? (If you have, please share with me — would love to watch that movie and/or meet that person and pick their brains on how to not go through failure). If you haven’t, then it shows that your life is no different from an epic story — it’s just that you haven’t reached the ending yet. Keep going, this is the part where you have to work hard and overcome all the obstacles, persevere!

Remember why you’re doing this

Don’t forget why you started on this journey. It’s important to ask yourself, why did I start doing this? And if those reasons no longer apply, then re-evaluate what you want out of life — It’s important to completely understand why you’re doing this, and to make sure that this is what YOU want to do. Be you!

Enjoy Life!