5 things you must be doing to increase productivity

Getting things done gives you self-confidence and sense of achievement however setting up priorities, squeezing in new tasks, re-scheduled meetings and deadlines could be pretty tricky in day to day business life.

There are five things that could help you to improve your productivity and achieve more in a day, week or in a month.

1. Don’t lost in planning

In ideal world planning works very well for business individuals however reality differ alot. Most of the business individuals end up in just planning and they spent little time in executing plans. Therefore plan your week on Sunday night and focus on execution. Deliver what needs to be delivered.

2. Don’t take last minute items

Often we try to squeeze in last minute tasks in our schedule without realizing its Domino Effect. Analyze the task and its effect on your other scheduled tasks before squeezing it in the schedule, as such tasks will create dissatisfaction and even you might miss your current deadlines.

3. Don’t fall in perfection trap

Deliver quality work but without falling into perfection trap. As you could end up spending more time on a task which might be unnecessary. You could annoy your bosses, team mates and even other stakeholders by falling into perfection trap. Even if you are working on your own — it could distract you from visualizing bigger picture, as there is always room for improvement.

4. Empty your head on paper

You might have razor-sharp memory but is it working against you? — It often does. Try to clear your head by jotting down all the tasks on a piece of paper or your favorite task planner. Keeping item list in your head will only generate anxiety for you, which is certainly not good for your professional life.

5. Review and reward yourself

Once your have all the tasks and action items written on piece of paper or on your favorite task planner, you could easily monitor your performance over a week or month. Gauge your performance and reward yourself with a meal or your favorite pint.

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