Indian Railways: Concessions for Patient traveling in Train

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Feb 19 · 5 min read

Indian Railways keep on taking successive steps for the welfare of passengers. There are many quota, concessions and passes provided to different categories of people to avail the benefits while traveling via train. Indian Railways have also categorized fare concession for different kinds of patients traveling via Railways for their treatment. These concessions vary according to the seriousness of diseases or condition of patient. Not only concessions in fares but reserved berths are also provided to the patients for their comfort. Here’re some of the categories of fare concession in which patients are given relaxation during train journey.

Concessions by Indian Railways to Patients

Fare Concession for Cancer Patients:
For providing relaxation in the train fare to the cancer patients, the Indian Railways has provided concession to those patients who are diagnosed with this disease and need to travel via train for treatment at different location. They can avail the concessions in the fare while travelling to the medical institutes/hospitals for diagnosis. The fare concession is also provided to patients while returning home from the hospital after treatment.

Fare concession: There are many kinds of concession provided to such patients, which vary by coach-classes.
Sleeper and 3rd AC class : 100% concession in the fare
2nd class and AC CC : 75% concession in the fare
AC 2nd class and AC 1st class : 50% concession on the fare

Patient along with one escort or care taker are able to avail the concession in the mail/express trains.
How to get concession:
One needs to present a certificate from the medical institute or hospital for availing concession. While reservation a copy of the certificate is attached along with the reservation forms. .

Reserved seat
Not only concessions over the fare, but reserved seats are also provided to cancer patients. There is a special quota provided by Indian Railways for cancer patients. In fact, cancer patients have also direct access to emergency quota berths in some specific circumstances.

Fare Concession for Thalassemia Patients:
Those patients, who are suffering from Thalassemia, can avail the fare concession while traveling in the train. The concession is available for reaching to the place of treatment (any other location) and for returning back to home after diagnosis or regular check up.

1st class / 2nd class / 3rd AC /Sleeper /AC CC: 75% concession over fare.
1st AC / 2nd AC: 50 % fare concession over train fare.

Fare concession for Heart patients:
Those patients who are suffering from heart disease can avail this concession over train journey. Patients getting diagnosed with heart disease, going to hospital or returning back to their native after regular check up or diagnosis are given concession on the railway ticket fare.

1st class / 2nd class / 3rd AC class /Sleeper /AC CC: 75 % concession on the fare charges.
1st AC and 2nd AC class : 50% concession on fare.

Concession for Hemophilia Patients:
Whether the patient is going through severe mode or moderate mode of this dangerous disease, the fare concession is provided to the patients along with an escort. Patients going to hospital for treatment can use this fare concession while reserving their seat in the train. An escort can accompany with the patient and he/she will be also eligible for the same concession.

1st class / 2nd class / 3rd AC class / AC CC /Sleeper class : 75 % fare concession

Concession for Kidney Patients:
Those patients going to hospital for kidney operations / dialysis or kidney transplantation are given concession over train ticket fare. Same concession is also provided to an escort with the patient.

1st class / 2nd class / 3rd AC / Sleeper / AC chair car : 75% concession.
1st AC class / 2nd AC class : 50 % concession over railway tickets.

Concession for Tuberculosis patients (TB) or Lupus Vagarious Patients:
Those people suffering from TB or skin infection due to TB (Lupus Vagarious) can avail this concession for traveling via train. Patients going for treatment of the TB or infectious disease can avail the concession while going to the hospital or medical institutes for treatment. An escort or care taker will also be given the same relaxation in the Indian Railway fare.

1st class / 2nd class / sleeper : 75% fare concession

Concession provided Non-infectious Leprosy:
Non-infectious leprosy patients going to hospital for periodical check-ups or treatment are given concession over railway ticket. One escort will also be given same percentage of concession to travel with the patients.

1st class /2nd class / sleeper : 75 % concession

Concession provided to AIDS patients:
The patients suffering from AIDS are also provided travel support by Indian Railways. AIDS patients going to nominated ART centers for checkups or treatments, are given a particular rate of concession on the train fare.

MST and QST: 50 %
2nd class: 50 % concession over railway ticket fare

Concession for Ostomy Patients:
Ostomy Patients traveling for any purpose via Indian railway are given special concessions. These patients have a surgically operated hole in the body, thus they need extensive care especially while travelling. To make their travel safer, Indian railway has offered following concessions.

MST and QST (Season tickets ): 50 %
2nd class : 50%

Concession for Aplastic Anemia Patients:
The patients suffering from this rare and dangerous disease are provided railway travel fare relaxation for routine check up or treatment. The patient along with a care taker is eligible to avail this concession for going to hospital or return home after checkups/treatment.

Concession over basic fare:
2nd AC tier /3rd AC tier / Sleeper / AC chair Car: 50% Concession over ticket basic fare.

Concession for Sickle cell Anemia Patients:
Concession over train travel afre is provided to the patients suffering from sickle anemia ailment. The same concession is provided to one person along with the patients.

2nd AC /3rd AC / Sleeper / AC chair car classes: 50 % over basic fare charge.

So these are some the concession provided to different kinds of patients while traveling via train. Indian Railways is the cheapest and convenient mode of transportation across the country. Indian Railways has also been a frontier Indian organization to initiate and execute public welfare steps. Each and every section of society has been benefited by Indian Railway policies. Honoring soldiers and policemen via defense quota, providing helping hand to senior citizens with senior citizen quota, providing safer journey to women in women quota or economically helping students via student quota, Indian railways has been always on the move to provide facilities to the passengers and public at large. So whenever you are going to make a reservation for patients, have a look at the concession provided to such passengers. Check your train running status of the train in which you are about to travel with the patient. Choose Indian Railways for your journey as it’s the world’s 3rd largest railway network.

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