Nainital Trip: Rejuvenate your senses with Natural Pulchritude

Nainital is the city of beautiful lakes, towering mountains, captivating flower gardens, and everlasting natural elegance. This hill station attracts tourist across the world. Nainital is located in the state of Uttrakhand. This exotic place offers a cool climate with limited precipitation. There are marvelous tourist sites that your eyes will refuse to believe. This magnificent wonderland is a dreamland for every honeymooner because this quaint hill station is set at such an elevation, that it radiates the feeling of love and warmth in the air. So pack your bags and move to explore this scenic natural splendor where God has bestowed beauty in form of natural resources, riches and prosperity. Book your tickets, order delicious food in train and move to the city where exciting things are waiting for you.

About Nainital:
Nainital is a very famous hill station of Uttrakhand which is infused with unlimited natural beauty that offers peace, pure environment, and rejuvenation to the travelers. There are many places to visit in the city which showcases the natural grandeur with space for everyone to enjoy their trip to the maximum. 
Locations like Naini lake, Nainital zoo, Naina Peak, Cave garden, and Naina Devi Temple are some of the places where natural beauty and internal peace intersects. Nainital is a place that offers a variety of locations and activities for the tourists like the hill top visit, an adventurous walk to the cave garden, wild life venture at Nainital zoo, offer prayers at Naina Devi Temple, boat riding and spending some quality time on lake shore side. These touring elements will make your trip to Nainital a complete package of fun, joyfulness and enthusiasm.

Mythological Background Behind the City:
It s said that when Lord Shiva carried the dead body of his wife Devi Sati and started a Tandav dance out of extreme pain and agony, the eyes of Goddess Sati dropped at this lake. Since then the lake became “Naina Lake” (Lake of Eyes) and a temple at the Shore of Naina Lake is dedicated to the Goddess named Naina Devi. It is believed that the Goddess protects this city and that’s the reason entire people of Nainital worships the Deity.

Places to Visit at Nainital:
There are a number of places where one can visit to experience this wonderland. Each and every piece of land is beautiful and attractive. They are soul-soothing and give you the feeling of innate happiness on your presence. Even a stroll out of your hotel premises or the scenic view of outside the window of the hotel room will give you a wonderful pleasure. Nainital is also a preferred location for Bollywood movies. Many movies like Koi mil Gaya, Vivah, Sirf Tum, Gumrah and Bheegi Raat were shot in the scenic beauty of Nainital.

Nainital Lake: Have a walk around the Shore of Nainital Lake and you will feel the presence of nature which empowers your thoughts and soul. Yes! Such is the purity of this lake. This lake is a fresh water body filled with many aquatic creatures and plants. The lake offers a round trip boat-ride to the tourists. The calm and beautiful waves of the lake steal the heart for while.

Nainital Lake

Naina Devi Temple: 
Naina Devi temple is located at the north shore of the lake. The temple is open for tourists to offer their prayer. The divinity of the temple and the beauty of Nainital Lake together will take you to a world where peace and serenity exist. Tourists can enter into the temple with pure heart and can offer their prayer to the Goddess Naina.

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve: 
God has created the nature and its beautiful creatures. This place is home to many exotic species of birds as their natural habitat. The place offers many beautiful sights of flowers and fauna at this yard. Rare birds like gold crest, red billed leiothrix, black chinned babbler, black throated tit and many other species of birds are found in this reserve. So enjoy the happy and wild moments at this natural reserve. If you haven’t seen a barking deer then this place is an opportunity for you to visualize such unique creature.

A Pair of Babbler Bird at Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve

Naina Peak: Naina peak is the highest hill top of Nainital. The site offers the splendid view of city Nainital. It is one of the must visit places from where the panoramic view of Nainital can be seen which is mesmerizingly beautiful. This hill top is also called the China hill top.

Naina Peak at Nainital

Cave Garden: 
The cave garden at Nainital is developed recently as a tourist spot interconnecting different animal caves. The hanging garden at this place is really amusing and wonderfully created. In this garden, caves of different sizes have been created for different wild animals and all these caves are given a complete natural look. Enjoy this site as the entry charge is very nominal. Tickets are available for INR 20 for adults and INR10 for children.

Cave Garden at Nainital

Tibetan Market: 
Any trip is incomplete without shopping and souvenirs. So take a walk towards the Tibetan market place in the city to buy some awesome and unique items for as a memory. Junk jewelries, woolen materials, beautifully knitted shawls and scarves, and handbags are sold in the Tibetan market at Nainital. The market is located at the banks of Nainital Lake.

Tibetan Market at Nainital

Snow View Point: 
As the name suggests, this hill top offers a great and breath holding view the Great Himalayan range covered with a shining blanket of white snow. The scenic beauty of soft clouds lying on the Himalayan Mountains wills envigor an intense energy within you. A must recommended place to visit.

Snow View Point

There are some more exotic places in the city like Tiffin Top, Hanumangarhi Temple, Mall road, and Kilbry. So enjoy these entire natural beautiful places of the city.

How to Reach at Nainital:
Train is the best mode for one to reach at Nainital. The kath Godam station is the nearest railway station to reach at the Nainital. This station is located at the distance of 24 kilometers from town. One can hire personal cabs to reach at this place or can also avail a taxi from their hotel to visit all the sightseeing. .

There are direct train for kath Godam from Dehradun, New Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Agra and other metro cities. If you reside at New Delhi, select a tour package or contact a local travel agent to reach Nainital. It is a 7 h 22 min (it can change) ride from New Delhi. You can also book train tickets for nearby location such as Dehradun/Delhi and then board a cab for Kath Godam or these auspicious places. Nainital also enjoys excellent bus connectivity. Options like AC bus/Non AC bus, Sleeper and Volvo buses are available for an overnight journey to Nainital. Contact your tour operator for the best mode of travel as per your convenience.

Tips to Follow while Traveling:
Here are certain tips to follow while your trip.

Choose your travel package carefully and extract all the details to cross check.
Do not forget to carry your woolens.
Since, Nainital is a place located at high elevation, you might face some breathing issues due to lack of oxygen on heights. Prepare yourself for such situation.
A long car ride might cause nausea for some persons in the group. Carry appropriate medicines or toffees of your choice to avoid.
If you’re an asthma patient, carry your inhalers 24*7 with you. Avoid climbing of high mountains because the oxygen level decreases with heights.
Book your hotels in advance for a discounted rate. Ask your traveler to arrange proper hotel rooms for you.
It’s a fact that India has the highest selfie death rate. Caution! Do not take selfies on dangerous or restricted areas. It can cause accident leading to death.
Be in a regular contact with your family or friends. You can need their help anytime.

Welcome to the World of Exquisite and Aesthetic Beauty of Nainital.

(Image credit: Pixabay and Temple Advisor)