Missing the Railsberry community? Come to Krakow in October!

Aug 28, 2014 · 2 min read

Tl;dr — Together with Hive, we’re planning a Railsberry Swarm on Sat Oct 4th. Come!

It’s been a while since we posted last time. This year has been full of adventures, some unexpected plans and travels so the truth is Railsberry as a big event, with tons of logisticts was a bit too much to quickly organize in between…

BUT! We promised to find a way to see you and there is one. Thanks to the support of Hive, Webmuses and hub:raum, we’ll organize a Railsberry Swarm on Saturday Oct 4th in hub:raum’s awesome coworking space.

What do we have in mind?

Railsberry was always a platform for curious people and this event will also be a platform—to meet and update everyone on what you’re doing.

Turns out the berries have been working on exciting things: we’ll have our grandfather Jose Valim talk about one of his two recent babies—Elixir. We’ll have the adorable Linda Liukas talk about her hugely successful project Hello Ruby. We’ll have Basia Madej of Webmuses talking about Rails Girls Maputo and how difficult it is to organize a community without a community. We’ll have Ola Sitarska tell us abouthow she started Makerland… Birds are singing that we might see Mislav, Terence and some other folks.

And—hopefully!— we’ll have you sharing your story. Here’s a form if you want to tell us now what you want to tell everyone later so we can tell everyone about it before… TELL US, TELL US ;—)!

The Railsberry Swarm event will take place at hub:raum Krakow, start around 10am on Sat Oct 4th and will for last as long as we want :). It will be free of charge and cozy. Afterparty can be expected. Come see us, we’ve been busy doing some serious things… but we miss everyone’s friendly faces.

Email us at railsberry@gmail.com if you want to add anything and see you in Kraków!

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